Monday, October 5, 2009

When In Doubt...Game

At the moment funds are low. I am doing everything I can to work freelance, take classes and volunteer but the truth is that I just can't spend very much on anything that isn't food and bills these days.

Gaming is not only a relatively inexpensive pastime but its also very therapeutic. I haven't felt the need to melt the entire planet with a death ray in months. Well, not the entire planet no...

Anyhoo...I am finishing up my Mutants and Masterminds campaign at New York's Compleat Strategist this December which I am kind of torn about because lately its been very, very cool. Still, I have too many other ideas and those ideas are very different from the comic book super hero type campaign I'm running so I might as well end on a high note and do something else.

I am also running (somewhat irregularly) three other games that are far less structured, far more rules lite and I am having a ton of fun with them. They feel relaxing and rejuvenating in a way the M&M game does not, possibly because the groups for these other games are smaller, more easy going and the games themselves are somewhat less complex.*

First off there's the Ghostbusters game that I've mentioned before and which has unfortunately been on hiatus while one of my players moves and fixes up their new house. Looking forward to seeing it, to seeing them again and to returning to trapping some spooks and spectres. It is October after all!

Second is a D&D-ish game using a D&D-ish system that I started due largely to felt requests from my good pal Dave. As you may have guessed from some of my previous posts I am not the biggest D&D fan but it was pretty awesome I have to say. I'm liking it alot in spite of myself.

The last one, which I'll talk more about in a follow-up post, is a sci-fi, robot, post-apocalypse exploration game that is best described as a dark take on WALL*E. A friend's description, not mine.

With M&M ending in December, the question of what to do next is once again rearing its ever changing head. I'll keep you posted.

Barking Alien

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