Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Internet Pals

I had the brief but distinct pleasure of meeting fellow gaming blogger Zak S. this weekend during his trip to New York City. He was kind enough to take me up on my offer to stop by and see my group and I gaming the next to last session of our Mutants & Masterminds campaign at the Compleat Strategist.

Zak is a very cool fellow and blog title and specifics aside, he is just a regular gaming joe no different, though perhaps more twistedly creative, then the rest of us. I'm really glad he came down and Zak, you're welcome at my table any time.

When one of my player's asked how we knew each other Zak said, "We're Internet Pals".

Yay! I got a Pal! Pals are the bestest.

Barking Alien

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