Monday, February 15, 2010

The King of RPGs

If you have not already purchased or at least checked out this awesome western manga, do yourself a favor and run out and buy it this very instant. Go now. Why are you still here?

All I can say is I want to play in the Fantasy RPG system that features Slough Elves and the spell "Beauty Labyrinth of Razors".

Barking Alien


  1. Just checked out the webpage for it!

  2. Its really good. Like Knights of the Dinner Table meets Genshiken.

    I realize that this description is either going to make you run out and buy a copy as fast you can or have you staring at my words like they bit the head of a chicken.

  3. That Theo Duedek kid rubs me the wrong way!

  4. Me too and yet I like him. Same with Shesh. This is one of the reasons the characterizations impress me so.