Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Space Debris

While I am eager to get to discussing my newly renewed obsession with Superhero gaming, I thought I'd unveil the secrets behind my the items in my last post. Five of the items listed were actually used in Sci-Fi games I've run in the past and I'll reveal which ones now...

2. Hovercycle with a single wheel as landing gear. A GravUniCycle.

I had seen a cool drawing in a magazine of something like this, redrew it from memory and than introduced one into a Space Opera game I was co-running. My players loved it and eventually three of the five PCs had one. We later found the original illustration and I was way off but my players liked my take better. Recently I discovered this drawing by artist Matt Pattinson which is very similar.

4. Pistol like weapon of unknown origin that doesn't appear to have a way to load ammunition or connect to a power source. It also has no activation stud or trigger.

Ancients item from a Traveller campaign that drew energy from its surroundings and was activated psionically.

5. A parchment treasure map in an ancient alien language showing the components needed to locate the real treasure which is on Earth. Each component is on a different planet.

Inspired by the film Time Bandits this idea was used in Star Trek, Traveller and a couple of Superhero games.

7. Battle ravaged giant robot that may be repairable. The cockpit, located in the chest, is only able to fit a slim humanoid the size of a child.

This was used in...I don't know, every game of Mekton ever? Just kidding (kind of). I was specifically referring to the time we found such an item in Gamma World. Although I think we also had a similar experience in an old Star Frontiers game.

and lastly...

9. Blue-green, furry, animal skin rug found on the command deck of a derelict space station. Answers to the name of Zvin'Bor.

Jay of EXONAUTS called it. This was originally used in a Star Trek adventure but I've reused it in several others games over the years. Its so much fun describing the room and its 'occupant' and than having the players freak when it moves and talks.

Barking Alien


  1. Ha! My psionic abilities never fail me! Okay, they actually fail more than 80% of the time--but still.

    These are some great items Adams, thank you for finally revealing the ones you used. Lot's of great backstory for sure!

  2. I have more (having run ALOT of Sci-Fi games) but I can't decide if I should post'em now or after my Superheroes post.

    So many ideas - so little time.