Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Single Bound

I was originally going to post this the day after the previous entry but in a way I'm glad I waited.

Having had time to think about it a bit more and talk to the players involved, it seems everyone is very excited about the game, DC or no DC. What I mean by that is, for most of the players, just getting the chance to play a superhero game is enough to get them all jazzed. The universe we play in is secondary to the experience.

So, to accomodate that idea and yet get my fix of gaming in my favorite comic book milieu, I've spent a lot of time with each player on developing their characters. Surprisingly, each of the characters they've created fits perfectly into a DC Comics universe. Even the guy who knows the least about DC made a character who screams DC Comics. Its amazing!

I think it helps that DC is such a well known part of the Americana and Pop Culture of our society. Even people who've never read a comic book before in their lives know who Batman is and can recognize the stylized Superman 'S' on a t-shirt. As Alex Ross said in his book Mythology, these characters are part of America's folklore. Not being old enough to have had myths like the Greeks and the Egyptians, stories of Superman, Dark Seid and Batman are our equivalent of the epic and heroic tales of Apollo, Set and Perseus.

So it seems its full steam ahead for this campaign, barreling toward its first session faster than a speeding bullet and more powerfully than a locomotive. In my next post I will describe the campaign's overall gist and hopefully, finally get to the Who's Who entry I've been meaning to do.

'Til then,

Barking Alien

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