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Supervillainy A-To-Z: E is for Endgame

I almost regret using the following character as my 'E' entry. He is one of my greatest characters, let alone villains and after him all others will pale in comparison from this point forward. At only five entries I'm already washed up.
Because this character is so special to me, his write up was hard. Very hard. This is another case of the system not doing him justice. If done correctly his power level would be ridiculous but, like DC's Mr. Mxyzptlk, he really isn't an opponent you fight directly. More often than not he is more of a plot device who sends opponents and obstacles in your way while he creates some multiverse twisting event that will retcon all of existence.
Your job? Stop that from happening. If you do, he appears, says he is impressed to the point where he now notices you and disappears.
You are in deep poo now.
Ladies and Gentlemen...




True Identity: No other identity

Description/Appearance: The cosmic entity known as Endgame (or sometimes 'The End', as he is referred to by the other Universals) appears in the form of a humanoid male made of what might be opaque, white crystal or a type of marble. Numerous spider web fractures run across his surface, all culminating in a section in the center of his chest and on his face where the crystal covering is missing. In those regions, the endless void of space can be seen, often with a spiral galaxy or other astronomical scene displayed within him.

Identifying his height, weight and other such things are meaningless. His appearance is never absolutely identical from one manifestation to another.

Origin and Background: Endgame is the last of a series of beings referred to as 'The Universals'. Only one Universal exists at a time and is, in essence, an avatar, protector and steward of the multiverse itself and all that lies within it. A Universal is at once living, unliving and dead. It is hot, cold, time, space, war, peace and anything and everything else you can imagine (and some things you can not) in equal parts.

The purpose of Endgame, the last of these avatars, was to prepare the multiverse for its eventual destruction. He would watch reality in all its myriad quantum forms deteriorate, crumble and fade once and for all. A nihilist by nature and obsessed with the endings of things (ideas, distances, the lives of stars), Endgame looked forward to his role.

As the suns of a thousand, thousand worlds began to flicker and go out, a number of cosmic beings gathered at the center of the universe (and its multiversal nexus point) to bear witness to the final days of the infinite cosmoses. Endgame was there as well but he was not enjoying himself as he expected. He was, he felt, dying.

One of those who had arrived was from a long dead world called Earth. She called herself 'The Oracle of Delphi' and had seen the future. Endgame would not get to see the multiverse end. Rather, it was the death of Endgame, not far off at this point, that would begin a 7-day cycle which would have as its grand finale, the end of time, space and everything.

Endgame was enraged. He shook the Oracle until her bones rattled. He slew a dozen of the final witnesses, each powerful, near-god-like beings in their own right. He thought and planned and swore curses in the languages of a billion extinct peoples.

Endgame would see the universe end, even if he had to end it early to do so.

Powers and Abilities: Endgame is a Universal and as such, is a cosmic being of practically immeasurable power. However he does have limitations. He must destroy and reorganize matter and energy rather carefully, based on a set of laws and rules we can not fathom but which are of great importance to him. If he does anything improper to the cosmic 'ways and means' he must adhere to, he will end up harming himself as well.

That said, he is still known to travel from parallel universe to parallel universe, jump through time, create and summon troops out of the cosmic ether to fight for him or retrieve an item of power and perform many other amazing feats. He does not age, breathe, eat, sleep or do any such mortal activities.

One interesting element to his power is that you never really (or very rarely) encounter the 'entire' Endgame but rather one of an infinite number of 'duplicate selves' that pursue plots and angles on how to boost his form or power so he can either survive to witness the end of the universe or destroy it himself.

Another odd bit is that his time travel power won't allow him to 'jump ahead to the end of the story', as it were. While he can go back in time, he can not go forward beyond the point of his predestined demise.

Personality and Motivations: At this point, Endgame's motivations are quite clear but his personality is a bit hard to describe. He has reached a point now, jumping back and forth through the ages, engaging in complex Machiavellian plan after plan, that he is being to find enjoyment with the activity itself and not just the 'end goal' (pun intended). He enjoys matching wits with heroes and is impressed and curious when the powered beings from that tiny blue orb all the way at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy manage to thwart his best efforts.

Still, he will destroy you. He can not do it now however. Not at this precise time, as the moment has past. The alignment of the galactic paths are such that to kill you at this junction would create a cascade event generating a far more powerful adversary in 975 years. Also, he is currently involved in 2,000,236 different plots on 1,176,522 alternate Earths and alien planets. Some other time then.


Endgame, originally named The End, is one of my oldest characters, having been created by me before I even discovered role playing game. Illustrations of him never do justice to the image of him I have in my mind.

I have created him for practically every Superhero RPG I've ever played including Villains & Vigilantes, Champions, Mutants and Masterminds, DC Heroes, Marvel Superheroes, Superworld and more.

Endgame for ICONS:

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award! I am moved, flattered and not entirely sure what that means even after looking at the site of the person who nominated me. This may be because I reviewed it very quickly so I could get this entry in on April 5th.
So, you have to answer so questions put forth by they-who-nominated-you. Here goes.

A)  Comedy, Reality TV, or Drama?

Yes. My life is all of these things.

B)  Cat or dog?

Barking Alien. Dog.

C)  Hilltop or valley bottom?

Hilltop. Easier to defend and closer to the sky.

D)  Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Looove coffee.

E)   Do you have an artistic routine?  Ie: do you create an outline or scratch illustration first?

Yes. When I can. Sometimes I can't (don't have time) and I just get right into it.

F)  How long have you been pursuing this artistic venue?

Drawing? All my life. Since I was a wee child. Writing almost as long.

As for writing, illustrating and creating material for RPGs, well, I've been playing or 36 years.

G)  Is this your first Liebster Award?  If not when was the first?

Yes. At least I think so. I may have been nominated once before but I'm not certain.

H)  How many blogging sites do you typically participate with?

I read a good two dozen regularly, another dozen or so irregularly and comment on at least one dozen fairly often.

I)   What was the impetus to pursue writing/photography/prose?

I have to. I would probably go crazy otherwise. There are constantly new ideas and stories and characters popping into my head. I need to let some out to relieve the pressure.

J)   Which artistic venue is your second choice?

I've reached a point where writing is first and art is second and that's tough to admit. I've spent a lot of years and a lot of money pursuing art as a passion and career and frankly, I'm just not that great at it. I am a much better writer than an artist. Sometimes I wish I could do all those years of school over again with this knowledge. But I can't. So forward march, onward and upward.

Good luck to all the nominees! Have a great weekend.

Barking Alien

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  1. I love the concept of this "villain." Cosmic-level and/or god-like beings are very hard to stat up for RPGs, and their motivations are usually so "ethereal." But this one is fascinatingly eerie.