Monday, August 5, 2013

Huh. Should've Seen That Coming

So, Numenera.

With the exception of the Sci-Fi meets Fantasy angle leaning more toward Sci-Fi (at least in the visuals) being the opposite of my campaign world of Aerth, the description of game play and a number of other elements seem strangely familiar.

Nice. It only took 31 years for a professional game designer to finally create a D20 system and setting almost as cool as mine.

Imagine what I'll create in the next 31 years.

Barking Alien


  1. Do you have a concise write-up of your house-rules online?

  2. No. Funny thing that...

    Scattered across the 660+ posts of this blog, elements of the game have been detailed but I have never complied it all together outside of the 3-ring binder that is currently sitting in my closet.

    For the most part it's a combination of AD&D 1st Edition and 3.0 (a fairly common pairing I have learned).

    The major differences lie in my Talent System, a placement for both Skills and Feats, the classes which differ in that they each really do some unique things and the way I handle Secies/Races.

    For the Species, each has, in addition to varying pluses and minuses to Attributes, a Species Talent and often a Secret Gift that gives them a very unusual power that varies in usefulness and effectiveness by the situation and story.

    Hmmm. That's vague. OK, like the Elves' Secret Gift effects them all the time Gift is almost game changing in my setting but it only works a few times and only under very specific conditions (it also comes with some rather heavy disadvantages).

    Humans come with a Species Talent as well, one of three they choose at character creation. Their Secret Gift is frankly pretty awesome and keeps them viable beside the strange and wonderous creatures available for PCs to play.

  3. Sorry, that should say that the Talent system replaces Skills and Feats.

    Also, my magic system is somewhat different from standard D&D, although I purposely avoided making it too different as not to create a completely new game.