Monday, September 30, 2013

October Fest / September Mourn

Here it is, the 30th of September and I have made exactly four posts this month including this one.

Wow. I have reached a new level of suck.

Sad green puppy is sad.

Never one to let a little thing like life get in the way of my RPG enjoyment, I can say that the things that have kept me away are beginning to settle down and my schedule is back to its normal level of abnormality.

Simply put, this means more blogging. Yay!

That 'Yay' really can't be overstated. That is some serious 'Yay' action going on there. I started running Pendragon with my group and frankly 'Yay' is not going to cut it. 'Yay' gonna need some help. I am on the verge of 'Whoopie!'. Seriously. So close.

Traveller, oh man, I've got to tell you about Traveller. I have some ideas for updating the Muppets RPG too. Holy crikey! Did I tell you about my Star Trek game at the learning center where I work on Sundays? No? Dang. I've been thinking about Horror RPGs too, what with October upon us.

There is a lot to write about and hopefully, a lot for all of you to read and enjoy. Keep the comments and questions coming. If you want to send a gift or cash that's OK too. I am not here to judge.

Yeah, I'm back.

Miss me?

Barking Alien

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