Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Is Coming...No Relation

My posts were all over the place this November...which might explain why comments and views have been so light lately. The holidays have probably contributed to that as well but it makes me a little sad nonetheless.

Seriously distracted by life and our upcoming Star Trek game (Yay Star Trek!), I gave up on the NaGaDeMon challenge early and completely forgot about discussing the things I intended to talk about in last month.

Furthermore, while our Traveller game remains a source of awesomeness and no small amount of pride on my part, Pendragon is a pebble in my shoe that I just can't seem to locate and be rid of. I was hoping that the situation would change in a major way yesterday but it did not. As I matter of fact, my friends that is...and I got into tiff. I use the word tiff when what I mean is a minor blowout. I was as much at fault as anyone. In the end though, I feel I am going to be hard pressed to find it in me to run this thing again.

We had a conversation about it and it would seem a few of them would like to drop the game in favor of something where we are all on the same page in our understanding of the setting and the genre and where perhaps we have a bit more freedom, similar to how we play Traveller. I don't want it to be exactly like Traveller (since we are already playing that and it's great) but more freewheeling and less restrictive and regimented works better for my group.

On the flip side, I've been feeling pretty good today and tonight but oddly I'm also feeling drained. Financial pressures as I go into the Winter season are heavier than I wish they were and I am hoping I can to find a way to remedy that as nothing gets me down quite like them. Too much real life crap impedes my creativity. Real life is like that.

Do I want coffee? No, too much of that already and it's around 11 pm. Hmmm...

Winter is I prepared?

Barking Alien


  1. I have found "tiffs" to be useful, though. sometimes we all just need to step away from the table for a time.

    1. Perhaps that's true.

      It's funny but we have the exact same group playing our Traveller game with me as GM (again, same set up) and we near run into trouble on this scale.

      Fantasy brings out the worst in people :P

  2. That's why I veto so many PC concepts when I GM. If the player doesn't "get" the genre or feels the need to subvert it, I don't want him in the game.