Friday, January 24, 2020

Round Robin

Remember that plan I had to game a bit less often this year but make each session more, I don't know, 'meaningful'? Well there has been a change of plans.

OK, not literally or completely but an interesting idea has come up among the members of one of my groups that may make playing more one-shots more appealing. 

One of my groups - a relatively small party of four regulars including myself - had been doing a monthly campaign which suffered from severe scheduling inconsistencies. Not everyone could make every session and when there are only four participants including the GM, well, we played about as often as we didn't. 

Although the scheduling issues were caused by legit conflicts with family obligations and bouts of flu, the longer we held off the less we were jazzed to get back to the campaign. This was partially because no one besides the GM was truly enamored with the setting or the system. It's not that we weren't having fun or outright disliked the game, but it just wasn't sparking a need to get back to it. 

After some discussion we came up with the idea of doing a Round Robin format wherein each month, or perhaps every few months, one of us would run a game and if everyone really liked it we'd run a short campaign. It one of the games just blew everyone away we'd decide whether or not we would turn it into an ongoing thing. 

We started this month with a one-shot, homebrewed Star Wars game that I must say was really fun. The system was simple, fast, and highly functional, though not perfect. A mechanic for handling stress and success probably needs a bit of a tweak but was otherwise very cool. I got to play a Jedi for the very first time and I had a blast doing so. I really liked my character, that's rare, and I'd totally be down for playing him again.

We don't have specific plans for the very next game, but a few Traveller sessions run by yours truly has been discussed. I am excited for the chance to run that game and universe again, especially with players who are less familiar with it. 

I will keep you posted as to how it goes.

Barking Alien

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