Thursday, July 30, 2020

Challengers of The Uninspired

This coming Saturday begins the RPGaDay Challenge for 2020.

I've been doing this challenge - initiated by Game Designer, Writer, and all around Interesting Nerd Fellow David Chapman of the blog AUTOCRATIK - for six years now.

This will be my seventh attempt at completing 31 individual game related posts in 31 days. The posts will be based on the prompts listed on the image above. I have been successful in my previous outings with this and although I sometimes tease and poke fun at it, I generally enjoy doing it very much. I have to admit it isn't always easy and this year looks particularly tough. 

To start, a lot of these prompts just don't provide me with much in the way of inspiration. They just aren't speaking to me. This is especially true of the early ones and I kind of need the initial few to be good in order to get the juices flowing for the next few. Like a good game of Star Trek Adventures, I really have to build up Momentum. 

The other issue is I am in a lot of games right now, some I'm running them and some I'm playing in and I'm trying to finish two out this month so I can end them a start a single new one. Between that and my real life goal of getting and doing more business, I'm not sure I'll have as much time as I've usually had in Augusts past. 

With the words being, well, a little boring to be honest, it compounds my second problem and vice versa. If it takes longer to put a post together but I have less time to write posts...Oh boy. Not quite sure how this year is going to go. 

Good luck to all participants...myself included.

Barking Alien


  1. If you're not "feeling it" and have a lot of other stuff on, perhaps skip it this year. What's the point of forcing yourself to do something, turning something that's supposed to be fun into a chore?

    Why not write about the games you're playing - and planning - at present, instead?

    1. So this might sound crazy but...

      If you'll notice, my post count for 2020 is very low. I've been gaming a lot in this time of pandemic but that hasn't automatically translated into blog content.

      My Summers always see fewer entries but this year especially so.

      Then August rolls around and we get the RPGaDay Challenge, a call by the larger RPG community to generate more material. In many ways it lights a fire under my bum to get up, shake off my moody blues, and post something to screen.

      Is it difficult? Yes, sometimes. Is this year particularly challenging? It seems so. Does that mean I should ignore it? Maybe...but if I do, would I post at all this month? Unlikely.

    2. Fair point, good sir. I look forward to reading a month of daily posts from you, and seeing what ideas and inspiration I can gain from them.

  2. Wow we're down to single words on this? "Uninspired" is right. I'll be reading your posts on this but that looks like we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    1. I don't mind the single word prompts. They did the same thing last year but I feel like, at least early on, last years words were more interesting.

      As I stated, [for me at least] the first week or so of prompts needs to get my juices flowing so I've exciting about the next week and the next and ultimately in completing the challenge. If the first seven days don't inspire me I would likely quit and talk about something that intrigues me more.