Monday, November 23, 2020

Shameless Self Promotion!

 Hi Ho Everybody!

This has been a very difficult year and I wanted to do something to lift myself out of the overwhelming feeling of malaise that has gripped me since this past April. Additionally, I wanted to re-invigorate my love of all things RPG and a little off kilter. 

Lastly, not going to lie, I need to make some extra scratch as my business has been hurt badly by our current global health crisis. 


I have just updated my game, The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show, available on Drivethrurpg!

The updated version corrects numerous spelling and grammar errors, clarifies certain rules, and adds in a few sample Puppet Characters to go with the Series Pitches / campaign ideas that are included in the book. 

I've been meaning to do this for some time now. I decided to do it now for all the aforementioned reasons plus one - I intend to make new product! 

I wanted to use this moment to announce my upcoming series of system-agnostic, Sci-Fi RPG e-booklets, 'The Barking Alien Guide Series' TM, beginning with 'The Barking Alien Guide to The Neraida Sector' TM.

Each product will showcase the planets in an area of space that can easily be placed into your Sci-Fi/Space Adventure game of choice. Within its pages, Barkley - the titular 'Barking Alien' himself - serves as your travel guide introducing you to each worlds' points of interest, native flora and fauna, culture, cuisine, and possible adventure opportunities. 

The idea is provide Gamemasters and players with worlds to discover and explore whatever their default theme or setting.

Maybe you have an adventure planned but haven't thought of an environment to set it in. Perhaps you are itching for an outing on a desert planet but you're not sure what to do once you're there. Peruse one of these galactic gazetteers and find your next stop for excitement, intrigue, and the best deep fried Szor'riz this side of the Pleiades Star Cluster! 

Stay tuned for more and keep it together anyway you can. 

We'll get through this. 

Peace and Love,

Barking Alien

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