Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Need A Recess After RECESS

Good grief am I ever tired.

As has been my experience at past RECESS gaming events, today's rocked my socks out of the box! It was also phenomenally exhausting.

It was, in a word, THE AWESOME! (Technically two words but at 2:30 am who's really going to notice?)

The Muppet Show/Muppets RPG session went over really, really well once again. In some ways even better or at least more smoothly then the first time. I will go into a detailed recap and some session notes I think you might find interesting (I know I do) tomorrow or Monday.

Played in a game of
BrickQuest that was oh so fun. It was like old school D&D, simplified and with LEGO. Fantastic.


Not really bad per se but my Smurfs RPG game was cancelled. No one signed up. While I was disappointed, I was also exhausted from running the Muppet Show game earlier in the day. I am surprised I didn't get even one or two people interested but there were less attendees in the afternoon/evening segment.

The truth is I did have one or two people interested but one didn't end up coming to RECESS for whatever reason while the other opted to play another RPG he'd been waiting to get into for a while now.

I think running something in the morning and playing in the afternoon is the way to go for me from now on but you never know...


Many requests to run the Muppets RPG at the next RECESS, with a large number of people wanting to play the Sesame Street variation instead of The Muppet Show.

Need sleep.

Barking Alien


  1. Hey! It's Big Mean Carl/Pepe/Janice/Fozzie/Statler/Rain! Awesome game!

  2. Awww thanks! You were awesome (as was everyone!). Can't wait for next time.

    Remember gang, next time I'll tell you how to to get to Sesame Street. ;)

  3. if wasnt am able to make this recess...i had gone to a quenns comic con and really made an impact with fellow artist. especially Alex Simmons and ernie velez jr....but dude i had watch all the muppets show reruns on youtube and started collecting voice prints to practice...fozzie bear, gonzo, zoot and skeeter..also kermit and im game on sesame the count is my favorite