Monday, October 24, 2011

The Muppets At RECESS - Everybody Scream

First off, I ain't dead.

Things have been crazy busy in my world and as usual, it is the blog that suffers. Sorry gang (Sorry blog). It's been over two weeks since I ran the Muppets game at RECESS so I am sure I am going to forget a lot of the details but I am going to try to finish this up.

I have a number of other things I want to talk about, mainly getting back to Superhero games whose sheer awesomeness I still feel I haven't fully conveyed.


I believe I may be telling this part of the recap slightly out of sequence. I am pretty sure the seance occurred immediately after the knock at the castle door mentioned in my
last post. I am pretty sure of it actually, since Pepe answers the knock and he was in the seance scene.

Continuing my Recap of the recent Muppets RPG/Muppet Show session I ran at the RECESS event in NYC...

Pepe offers to answer the knocking at the castle door. After lowering the drawbridge, he peers into the rainy night, which is illuminated by the dim moonbeams that are able to sneak through the storm clouds and the occasional flash of lightning.

Pepe sees a cloaked figure casting a massive, creepy shadow in the wake of another bolt of lightning and crack of thunder. As the figure gets closer, Pepe can make out pointed ears and an even pointier collar. Pepe asked the individual who they are.

A deep, rich voice with a Transylvanian accent says, "This is MY castle. Who are You?!"

"I am Pepe (poses like a Spanish flamingo dancer), the King Prawn, OK."

"Really?", says the voice, "Excellent! One! One wonderful prawn! Ah-Ah-Ah!"

Another flash of lightning and thunder reveals Count Von Count of Sesame Street! He is the old friend of Uncle Deadly. He also mentions knowing Kermit. "When we were younger we used to hang out in the same neighborhood."

Pepe fills The Count in on what's been going on and that there are ghosts haunting The Count's castle. The Count tells Pepe this is normal and before Pepe can fully explain, The Count takes him through the castle to count all the ghosts. Apparently, there should be 100 ghosts in The Count's castle. He counts 115. Indeed something is amiss. Pepe fills him in further and the two decide to confront Scooter and the others and make a plan for getting rid of the evil ghosts.

Bunsen and Beaker have invented a device called, strangely enough, a GhostBuster. The gadget is a small, hand held vacuum-like item (heh heh) that can suck in ghosts and contain them in a clear cartridge in the back. Bunsen tests it on Beaker (of course) with the premise that since Beaker is alive it shouldn't harm him. It nearly pulls his spirit from his body. This convinces everyone that the device at least does what it's supposed to do but recommends being very careful. Bunsen's player was prone to giving himself and/or me an easy way to make him or his devices fail so he included a limited (very limited) battery life on the GhostBuster. He also indicated all his devices (All of them!) have a fail safe button that in case of an emergency they can be made to blow up. Yessiree!

Eventually tricking the ghosts (including their leader inside Kermit) into position, Bunsen hit the switch and sucked in a good number of ghosts. Their ringleader came out of Kermit but managed to escape by passing through a wall into the next room along with a few other ghosts. Piggy, upset over the way the ghost leader possessed Kermit, went through the wall as well...the old fashioned way. Using her Karate/Kung-Fu she smashed through and then gave chase. Eventually the leader escapes by going out side the castle. Or so he thinks...The Count is waiting for him.

Count Von Count challenges the lead ghost to a battle of wits, strategy and skill. Moments later they are said to be playing 'Go Fish'. Parodying The Princess Bride, the lead ghost asks for '3's and is told to go fish. Counts asks for '2's, the ghosts hands them over and says "Inconceivable!". This happens several times in 'cut scenes'.

Another ghost that nearly escaped was a big, tough one who, at the last moment, is sucked in anyway. As everyone congratulates Bunsen, an orange light flashes on the GhostBuster and an electronic voices goes, "Charge running low. Please recharge device. Charge running low. Please recharge device. Perhaps you didn't hear me dummy. You are about to lose power. Please recharge or device go boom."

To Be Concluded...

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  1. Excellent! And Go Fish as the game of destiny . . . So very muppet.

  2. Hey, it's me Whisk. I'm just dressed as Spooky for Halloween and wanted to say, oogie boogie.

    Nice to see you blogging.

  3. Yay! The fans have spoken!

    You like me. You really like me!

    Thanks guys. More to come. I need to finish this in order to move on to other things but I've been so beat I haven't been able to drum up the energy to complete it.