Monday, November 7, 2011

Mood Swing

My groups and I have been playing a lot of this...

...but some of my players are in the mood for this...

...while I find myself missing this...

Hmph. Mood swings.

Barking Alien

MUPPET MONDAY ALERT!: Only 15 days until "The Muppets"! I think I'll watch it at least 3 times in the theaters. Maybe 5.


  1. Oh indeed they are. Each has it's merits.

  2. Pointy hats with crowns in the middle of them? That can't be good for your neck.

  3. Is he a Wizard King or King of the Wizards? :)

  4. There's an adamantium framework under that hat supporting the whole thing - light and indestructable!

    I'm at a similar point. My D&D game 'sploded a few weeks ago and while I wasn't burned out on it I'm not really itching to start one up again. So many choices...