Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Festival of Lights

December continues to depress. Just as I solve one issue another (or two) rear their ugly mugs. I need something to chase away this foul mood I am in. I need to give myself a holiday present.

Ooh, I know! A Sci-Fi game.

Ooh, look at all the pretty lights!

I am going to have a few extra days free at the end of this month. A sort of mini-vacation if you will (my first in roughly four or five years). Seems like the perfect time to convince the gang to let me run a Science Fiction/Space Adventure type one-shot. Who knows? In classic
one-shot fashion it may turn out to be popular enough to transform it into a campaign.

But what to run? Wait. First, a clarification of the above.

For the last month or two my plan to consolidate my gaming has worked...perhaps a bit too well in some ways. I am running only two regular games. My Champions game is going full force once again (albiet with the occasional unforeseen breaks do to real life) and the game I run on Sundays at the learning center in Brooklyn is as regular as Swiss engineered timepiece.

Because the Champions game is going so well and because time is still something of a limited commodity, the group has been less likely then usual to indulge in one of my 'Lets try this!' ideas. If we have a free game day, we are playing Champions.

Now my good pal Dave has indicated that as much as he loves the Champions campaign (and he does love the Champions campaign), he does have a hankering for something else as well. It's been a while since we took a serious stab at something else it seems.

Dave would really like the chance to get back to my D&D-But-Not world and I will likely oblige his request. It may come with a catch however...we've got to also play something (ANYthing!) Space Adventure oriented. My gift to me. And Dave's gift to me if he goes for it.

Barking Alien


  1. I beat my total posts for October! Hoody hoo!

    Thank goodness. Now maybe I'm be able to post some entries with more substance. *sigh*

  2. Hey, if you can run a "main" game and still work in some sessions of other stuff you want to run, even one shots, then that's a pretty good place to be. Good luck with it. I'm considering a sort of "planned series of one shots" approach myself for next year.

  3. I used to do these 'mini-series' quite often some years back. I remember calling Superhero ones Limited Series and Mekton or TFOS ones OVAs. ;)

  4. I tend to wind up doing mini-series quite often these days - my Ministry of Blades series is technically one - it just keeps coming back as sequels! It's a nice format, because you can chop and change characters and plot for a limited period of time without burning out. The idea of having a movie-style, world-changing story also appeals, but I haven't had a chance to pursue this yet! Maybe if I ever get my 60's spies vs Cthulhu plot off the ground!