Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ch-Ch-Changes Remain The Same

So it seems Champions is not was merely resting. Sort of like Superman.

It looks like Superhero campaigns don't go down easy. Good for them and good for me.

With the addition of not one but two new Player Character heroes, 'The New Champions' is set to return with a bang and one I'm pretty thankful for.

The threat of no regular game was starting to effect my mood something fierce. Now it wasn't the only facotr contributing to my feeling down but normally it's gaming that picks me up when I am depressed so I felt like I was waging a loosing battle.

Luckily, like my favorite 4-color heroes I refused to give up and as fate would have it I was introduced via email to a new player named Corey and was able to get ahold of an old friend and player named Conrad who is free to join us on game day.

More details as they come up. Watch out villainy...the boys are back in town.

Barking Alien

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