Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Commercially Enforced Day of Romance

I dislike Valentine's Day and not because I am bitter or not a romantic. Rather, I dislike it because I am a romantic and it just seems to be far too arbitrary and commercial for a day that is supposed to celebrate love.

That said, I hope those who have someone special enjoy this day and those who don't realize it's OK and you will.

Peace and Love EVERYDay,

Barking Alien


  1. And a Happy CEDofR to you as well. Truth be told, Tim and I don't celebrate it either.

  2. Really? See, if I were still married I probably would. We liked this day. If was an excuse to be corny.

    It's just, as a single guy, I take my romance where I can get it and not on someone else's schedule.

    Wow, that did not read right.


  3. Nah ... we do little romantic corny stuff all the time. But I did post a pretty pink heart on my blog for the day, because I do fancy hearts.

  4. (Deep drag on cigar, exhale, activate announcer voice...)

    "He's a man's man, striding through the world, doing what has to be done, and taking his romance where he can find it"

    (Thumbs up)

    "Here's to you Mr. Green Dog Man"

    (Glass raised, nod of head)