Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Looking Forward Before I Leap

Geez but I've been griping a lot lately. Boo-hiss on me.

While it's all fine and good to get things off your chest and blogging here does allow me to do that, I am starting to feel a negative vibe creeping in to too many posts. So, just to get some fresh air in here, let's talk about something positive.

Now nothing is more positive then the start of a new campaign...

When I first started this blog three years ago, my intention was to focus the vast majority of the content on Science Fiction gaming. As I had mentioned not too long ago, the blog isn't called Barking Faerie.*

Now in the interim, as I approach 35 years in the hobby and top 500 posts (this one is actually the 501st - GO EMPIRE!), I find that things like Superheroes, Muppets and even Fantasy (makes nasty-tasting-medicine face) seem to outnumber my first love, aliens, robots and faster-than-light travel.

Now granted, I have managed to squeeze in my love of outer space and ray guns into my discussions of other subjects. The Muppets and comedy RPGs in general wouldn't be the same without Pigs In Space, Paranoia or my homebrew Galaxy Quest game (a very popular set of posts I might add!). My Supers game is certainly heavy on the Sci-Fi elements, from the good-guy sentinels known as The Minutemen to the extensive coverage of the physics behind alternate dimensions and unified field theory.

But this year, I am going to get the chance to do something pretty extraordinary. I am actually going to attempt, and I assure you succeed at least to some degree, to run an extended Science Fiction RPG campaign and blog about it!

While the act itself should be pretty simple, I suddenly feel like the Great Gonzo announcing his lastest daredevil artiste stunt.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I do request you be still and quiet for a moment and keep photo flashes to a minimum. I, the Amazing Adam, will now attempt to run a Science Fiction RPG for his current gaming group...without a net! Maestro, if you please..."

In space, no one can hear you get shot out of a cannon
into a orange slushie soaked paper towel.

Anyway, I know what I want out of a Science Fiction game campaign but I am dealing with a whole new crowd of players whom I've never really run a serious SF campaign for. What do they want out of it? What do they hope to do, encounter or 'see'?

Looking forward to finding out...

Barking Alien

*At one time I considered starting a second blog where I would post any and all Fantasy genre related ideas, in order to keep Barking Alien more focused on Sci-Fi and Supers. My ideas for titles included Green Shuck, a type of faerie folklore creature associated with the Black Dog/Black Shuck/Grim or Ghostly Hound.

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