Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sad Vargr Face

One of the players in my current group has decided to opt out of our upcoming Traveller game.

This makes the Vargr childern sad.

For a while now this fellow has been working on a Sci-Fi game of his own and, unable to find enough time in his/own schedule to playtest it with us, he feels that playing Traveller is a bit like rubbing salt in the wound. I get that to some degree and certainly when I suggested we play Traveller next after Champions, that was not my intention.

Rather, since he had gotten mixed though generally positive responses off of his game the few times he'd run it, I figured, since he's never played Traveller, doing so would give him some insight into or some ideas on how to spruce up his own game and, more to the point, make it more accessible to those not familiar with its style and universe (the one element which I personally feel Traveller does especially well being more 'D&D' like in its generic-ness).

Now, I've asked him, "What if it wasn't Traveller but Red Dwarf, Star Trek, InSpace or something else? Would that change your mind? Is it because Traveller is too similar to what you have in mind?"

He hasn't gotten back to me on that yet. I will keep you posted.

Barking Alien


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