Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Updated Musings

My gaming anniversary has passed and I am now in my 35th year of gaming.

This will mark my fourth post in four days. A trend? Possible, even likely. With no major campaign to prepare material for and business not yet back to full, I have a bit more time in my schedule to blog.

But what to blog about? Ah, the age old dilemma, going as far back as blogging itself.

Well, let's see what is on the agenda...

A new school semester means a new Sunday Program at the Learning Center in Brooklyn. We had a short but pretty successful run with Superheroes and I think I may make that the new offical game for at least the first part of the Fall/Winter season. I am debating whether to stick with my simplified ICONS variant or go with a new Marvel Heroic variant I've been thinking about. I really like the idea of the kids experiencing some of the mechanics of the game like the Doom Pool and gaining Plot Points when they purposely activate a weakness or negative distinction. There are lessons to be learned in there somewhere.

September 15th is just around the corner and it brings with it the next RECESS Game Day 'mini-convention'. I will be running my Muppets Role Playing Game in the early half of the day and my Galaxy Quest RPG in the later half. I am extremely excited to be revisiting both of these games. My recent gaming experiences have not been nearly fun enough for me and I am looking forward to running some games which embrace a very different mindset from my groups' recently completed, deadly serious Champions campaign.

Other than that...

I intend to give you some info on our new Hunter X Hunter campaign once we've started it. I don't think I will do full recaps but I might. I will continue to discuss Star Trek, Traveller and other Sci-Fi games, Superhero gaming and whatever other weird RPG subject catches my fancy.

I am also going back to my oft put off project of developing a game to self-publish.

In the end this post was more fluff and filler than I had intended. I assure you that ideas with more meat to them are coming up soon...

Barking Alien


  1. Well I'm an ICONS fan but I like the MHR system too and I can tell you my kids liked it a lot. There's a lot of fun in making up your own characters but there's a lot of fun in "here, you're spider man today" too, especially for kids. Please post how that goes.

    Keep us posted on the Muppets and especially the GQ game - I think there's a ton of potential for fun with an "almost-Trek" universe and I did like your earlier posts on it.

    Fun with recaps: If you're playing it and not running it, how about recapping it from the POV of your character?

  2. Some excellent ideas and suggestions on all counts.

    If I'm still awake enough to write coherently (we often go kind of late) I'll try to put some first impressions down when I get home tonight, as today will be our first session of the new campaign.