Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Always On My Mind

I said I was going to talk about my homebrew Dungeons & Dragons universe this month. So what am I doing sitting here in front of my computer with thoughts of alien lifeforms, distant planets and energy pistols dancing through my head? It seems to be that no matter what I am working on, starfaring, Science Fiction adventure is always on my mind.

This is beginning to feel like Phil & Dixie promising to discuss 'Sex in D&D'.

While I hope to get to a full month dedicated to Aerth and The Order of The Winghorn Guard* soon, I just can't bring myself to do it right now.

I am, to be quite honest, a bit Fantasied Out. It is so a term.

Between my regular Ars Magica campaign, my Mythology-Meets-The-Modern-World game with the kids at the Learning Center and my one shot of D&D AD over Thanksgiving (which will get a part two during the week between Xmas and New Years), I really don't want to think about Knights, Magic and Dragons on my 'days off'. At least not right now.

What is swirling around in the whirlpool of my mind is, as I noted at the top of this post, Science Fiction. These thoughts couldn't have come at a better time to tell you the truth, as I am also considering returning to gaming at my FLGS, The Compleat Strategist.

I have been on the receiving end of some very kind words lately regarding my previous campaign there and I've had a number of the old players imply they miss my GMing at the Strat (as we like to call it here in New York). I myself have been missing having more players so it may work out very well.

What to run remains, inevitably, the great unknown, but the gist of this post should be bringing the subject into focus a bit more clearly.

No Fantasy. Done with that for a while. That is, once I finish my current Fantasy games I don't want to touch that genre for a good long stretch. I owe it to myself. My reward if you will for running so much of my least favorite genre will be to get a break from it and run something I prefer.

No Supers. My last major campaign at the Compleat Strategist was a Supers game, although I did run a few short ones of other things before departing to other projects. It also wasn't that long ago that I finished up my Champions campaign, with an ending arc that left a sour taste in my mouth. I'll wait to renew my Superhero gaming until the palette has had time to cleanse.

That leaves...

Barking Alien


  1. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster award.


    1. Thanks man, that's really cool of you.

      Who originally started these awards? Having difficulty finding this beast's spawning point.

  2. If you can get hold of it, I recommend 'Stars Without Number', which is just sci-fi Basic D&D. Other than that, and looking at that bottom image, it's Traveller all the way.

    1. Well familiar with SWN but I am afraid it is far too D&D like for me. I prefer my Sci-Fi...well...different from D&D I guess.

      Traveller is indeed the front runner.