Monday, December 17, 2012

The Compleat Traveller

And the winner is...


The first session of our new Traveller campaign, entitled 'OPERATION: PALADIN' will begin at noon on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at the Compleat Strategist in New York City.

I am so excited I can barely contain the excess radiation leaking from the Jump Drive of my heart. Or something.

After a few weeks working on the Compleat Strategist campaign's basic premise and some setting and story ideas, the final decision on setting and system came down to two games: Traveller (Original or 'Classic' if you prefer) and Star Trek (Last Unicorn Games' ICON System).

I put the choice up to a vote on Facebook and contacted a few players independently (who I know will be joining us but don't use Facebook). In addition to those who know they will be participating and those that might be, a good number of friends and fellow gamers commented and voted as well.

In the final tally, I couldn't count votes from anyone who wouldn't actually be involved. If I had, Star Trek would've won by a good sized margin. As it was, Traveller ended up edging Star Trek out by only two votes. That's awesome to me. It means a Star Trek campaign somewhere down the road is a distinct possibility. Very heart warming indeed.

Now then, what is this campaign about...?

Barking Alien


  1. Wow, you sound to be in excellent spirits.

    Very cool.

    1. Thanks Whisk! So did you on your last post. Sorry I haven't posted to your blog in a bit but rest assured I read it regularly.

      Yes, so far so good this holiday season and even though Oct/Nov kind of sucked I am keeping my head held high.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    2. Snowing a wee bit here now, which makes it feel more like Christmas. But overall, it's been more spring-like than anything else.