Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art of The Compleat Traveller I

This is a small sampling of art from our current Traveller campaign, Operation: Paladin.

There will be much much more I assure you.

Mostly I am using this page as an image dump to show some friends who can't see the images using the social media system we all meet on.

The Ithklur, lizard-like shocktroopers of the Hive Federation
By the amazing Keith Conroy (colors by me).

The Fujikawa-Trisector Patrol Speeder Custom built by two of the PCs out of spare parts.
A kitbash of drawings by the incredible Matt Pattinson (Culprit Tech)
Sorry Mr. Pattinson, not trying to infringe.

A Hiver head.
A classic Hiver illustration from the old Traveller game colored by me with a spacey background.
Anyone know the original artist?

My interpretation of a Gurvin.
The illustration is a hodge podge of stuff combined from different illustrators
and than further modified by me. I also did the coloring.


Well that's all for now. Still feeling under the weather so I may call it an early night. Be well blogoverse, talk to you soon.

Barking Alien

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