Friday, February 15, 2013

Jump Points Into Random Space

I've been just a tad under the weather this week and as such I am quite behind on dumping out the clutter that makes up the interior of my skull. In effort to do some cleaning so I can find things in here, I offer up some random thoughts, points, pointlessness and cool pictures...


It was my birthday on Tuesday the 12th. I am...older. Happy Lincoln's and Darwin's Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I do not currently have a Valentine but I gave a rose to a friend and she smiled and said it made her day, which in turn made mine.

Other birthdays around this time in February include George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., inventor of the Ferris Wheel. Today is the birthday of Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons and Futurama, as well as astronomer, philosopher and more, Galileo.


What else...oh yeah, so at one point during the first session of our new Traveller campaign, a woman stuck her head into the back room of the Compleat Strategist where we were playing and asked, "Are you guys playing classic Traveller?"

"Yes, we are." we replied.

"Bless you." she said.


Now Marvel...or rather Marvel doing this...

Which makes me very, very happy. I love me some NOVA.

I wish they had made his helmet gold, or brought back the original star emblem, or the sunburst emblems on his chest or...well, really just the gold helmet. All that aside, I am looking forward to this series. It looks like fun. And who'da thought they'd be making fun comics again in my lifetime huh? Go figure.


Fun. Comics. Superheroes. Gaming.

Yeah, once a month Traveller is awesome but I (and at least one other player in my Traveller group) are hankering for getting together more often. We can't run Traveller more than once a month as it doesn't work with everyone else's schedule and I can't get him into my ongoing Ars Magica game as it doesn't quite fit his schedule.

Also, I hate to say it but I'm getting a little tired of Ars Magica. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. It's a great game but it feels too much like a typical D&D game with more politics thrown in. Not what I was hoping for.

After Science Fiction, Superheroes is my favorite genre and the one that keeps pulling me back toward it. Every time I finish a Supers campaign I'm like, "OK, that's enough Supers for a while", and then a couple months go by and Dave and I are on the phone when one of us says, "Ya'know what I've been in the mood for lately...Superheroes". To which the other replies, "Really? too."

Maybe its time to give Champions 6th Edition a fair shake. After all, they came out with a Complete rulebook finally (though why such a lame cover?)...


OK, off to work. More thorough musings soon...

Barking Alien


  1. Does the Champions Complete book contain the Hero System rules in full, or just an abbreviated form? I loved 4th Ed. but haven't gotten back into that game since then.

  2. As I am to understand it (planning on getting it this weekend but home sick so maybe not), it is the complete rules. It is everything you need to run Champions.

    Best review was from a friend who said, "It's like the 4th Edition Book for 6th Edition."

    Honestly, that is enough to make me want it.

  3. You think the person who came in blessed you for playing Traveller was a woman? That was a man baby! It was a tough call at a quick glance though. He did have long curly red hair and a squeaky voice.

    As for Champions Complete, yes it is the full 6th ed rules at only 240 pages. I went with the full 1200 page version myself but I understand not everyone want to be encumbered on their way to the (reinforced) game table.

    1. Were they indeed? A man? Could be. I did glance over my shoulder but for a moment. No matter. They were/are a Traveller fan and that makes them OK in my book.

      I feel a 1200 page game of any sort is simply unnecessary. It is just too damn much reading. I can no longer abibe reading that much material just to play a game where I am going to be creating most of the fluff myself.

  4. That is a terrible
    cover for Champions Complete. The angles are all wrong for the water girl to be blasting her foe. Interior art is pretty bad as well except the stuff by Fraim.

    1. Agreed. I have to say this is one of the least dynamic, most poorly illustrated covers for a Supers product I have seen in a while.

      And that's saying something! With the exception of Mutants & Masterminds and the old Villains & Vigilantes game, most Superhero game art not taken directly from the Marvel or DC archives is just gawd awful.

      It's 2013 people. Troll deviantart or a damn google image search for 5 freakin' minutes and you'll see a thousand superior amateurs. Hire one.