Friday, January 3, 2014

Great Expectations...No Relation - Part II

Let's end the 2013 on a high note, by talking about how utterly fantastic I am.

In case you missed my last post and haven't been informed, I am a Great GM.

Possibly the greatest.


DISCLAIMER: The idea that Adam may be the greatest, living GM on the planet is completely conjectural. There is no direct evidence to support this claim. Indirect evidence, in the form of his players returning week after week or travelling great distances to be in one of his games is noted, but not held as definitive proof of the aforementioned concept.

This is, for all intent and purpose, an opinion. Note that the opinions of the writer of this post are not necessarily those of Barking Alien, the blog, or its staff and/or owner.

Even though it's all the same guy.


Now then, all of this started thanks to the Play on Target podcast and their most recent episode at the time of this post, How to be a Better GM.

In the first part of this two part analysis of what makes me so cool as a referee and storyteller, I took a close look as the failings and weaknesses of my esteemed peers and showed off my superiority by explaining how I easily and effortlessly avoid or remedy such issues myself.

Mostly. Ahem.

I could continue with those same efforts here, but why bother really? I considered doing so, especially discussing Pacing* and Sharing the Spotlight* and a few of the other subjects they touch upon. I may at some later date. It seems to me though that focusing on my vast and unparalleled superiority is not necessarily the best way to give all of you less knowledgeable, more, hmmm, peon-ish GMs, advice that will elevate you to a higher state of the craft (not as high as myself of course but you can dream). Instead...

Barkley...what are you doing with that strange blue rock? It looks a lot like the red one I found not too long ago. Very similar in fact...

That's what I'm hoping.

What...who...where?! What the heck is going on? Where am I? Wait...hmmm...Great Expectations...Awesome...weaknesses of my peers...Holy H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Did I write this. Barkley, what happened.
Red Kryptonite. You found a piece over the holidays I guess and it made you go all evil like. Luckily I keep a piece of Blue Kryptonite around for just such an emergency.

Whoah. Thanks old friend. I can't believe...I want to apologize to everyone. I am not normally this much of a jerk.
Yeah. He keeps his jerk very much under control. Usually it's just a well honed sense of snarkiness.
Um...yes...thanks Barkley.

Sorry again everyone. The truth of the matter though is that many of the issues brought up during the podcast are not ones I have. Generally speaking I'm pretty darn good at the elements mentioned. I do have my weaknesses and drawbacks of course, just like everyone else. Susceptibility to Kryptonite not withstanding.

In an upcoming post I will go into greater detail on my own weak points in hopes of soliciting some advice and help in those areas. I also want to go over some honest recommendations for a few of the remaining areas mentioned in the 'How to Be a Better GM' podcast that I think I really can help with (or at the very least, tell you what helped me).

Happy New Year Everybody and I wish you Great Gaming in 2014!

Barking Alien

*I actually would like to discuss Pacing and Sharing The Spotlight in more detail as these are areas I think I have made great strides in over the course of my experience with this hobby. At the same time, doing so may take an entire post each so I'm leaving my thoughts on these off this post to be examined more closely another day.


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