Monday, March 17, 2014

Technical Difficulties...Please Stand By

So gang, I am currently suffering from a distinct lack of funds at a crucial time. Part of this is that business has been pretty bad and part of it is high bills. To counter this, I am trying to sell a few things:

Updated March 18th, 2014

AEON (White Wolf, Limited Edition, 1997)

Deities and Demigods (TSR, 1st Edition, 1980)

Shadowrun (Catalyst, 4th Edition, 2005)

Advanced D & D Wizards Spell Compendium, Vol. 1 (TSR, 2nd Edition, 1998)

Advanced D & D Wizards Spell Compendium, Vol. 2 (TSR, 2nd Edition, 1998)

Advanced D & D Wizards Spell Compendium, Vol. 3 (TSR, 2nd Edition, 1998)

Advanced D & D Wizards Spell Compendium, Vol. 4 (TSR, 2nd Edition, 1998)

Mekton II (R. Talsorian Games, 1987


Coming Soon: Decipher Lord of the Rings RPG. I have to check what I have.

Most of these books are in excellent condition. The Shadowruns are like new. Mekton II and the Spell Compendium books have been used but are still in really, really good shape.

Only the Deities and Demigods book is a bit worse for wear. Although the interior is excellent, the cover have a tear and the front and back of the spine (though not the spine or stitching itself) is very much used.

I can send a picture of anything you are interested in. Email me for pictures, with questions and of course, offers or price quotes. I would like to sell the Compendium's as a set. My email is barkingalienAT'G'MAILdotCOM. Funky spelling to confuse the spambots.

Time is of the essence.

You are also welcome to donate directly to the donate button on the upper right side of the blog. I would appreciate even the smallest assistance. Hopefully this will be the end of it and unnecessary in the future. Thank you.

Barking Alien


  1. Were I not suffering from the same affliction, I would offer to help in some small way...unfortunately my $ problems have been going on for over a year and show no sign of letting up soon. Good luck.

    1. It seems that things are tough for a lot of people. I appreciate the sentiment MC. Were I a wealthy man I would go poor helping all the good and honest people who have been so kind to me.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Right back at ya compadre.