Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Interrupt This Program

Sorry everyone, but there won't be any Muppets Madness Month this month.


Now hold on everybody, let me explain...

Personal issues in real life, including tax time and work, are making it nearly impossible to devote the kind of attention to this project that I want and that it requires and deserves.

In addition, I've been kind of bummed lately, and writing comedy when I feel down just doesn't work for me. Right now, I just don't feel funny.

The current plan is to start over in May. May will be the new Muppets Madness Month.

Based on the Mays of previous years, the Barking Alien blog is  isn't usually centered on any particular subject during that month. While there has been interesting stuff in Mays past, none of it is material that couldn't be placed elsewhere. that it for March?

No...maybe...probably not.

I do have other things I want to talk about and ideas that have popped into my head lately, but not promises. I have a lot on my mind that isn't fun.

Thanks all, talk to you soon,

Barking Alien


  1. work and taxes take priority over writing about puppets for strangers to peruse online? I'm appalled.