Thursday, February 27, 2014


I find the lack of comments to my last two posts...disturbing...

OK, maybe that's a bit much, but I am honestly surprised. I would have thought the one on Superheroes would have generated some interest among those who come here and enjoy my Superhero RPG discussions (yeah, you two or three people know who you are).

In addition, I thought it was a fairly well written post. One of my better entries. *Sad face*

Coming Online generated a good deal of comment and traffic, but it's follow up, Online Forecast, where I hint at work I'm thinking about running over Google Hangouts, received a paltry nod here and there. Hmmm. Maybe what I have in mind is not resonating with potential players and I should lean toward something else. I must consider that.

All in all, it's too quiet here for my liking. Hoping for a little more noise next month.

Barking Alien


  1. Don't feel too bad--I get very few comments ever.

  2. This is a good moment to explain that I read most of your posts offline, saving them for a later time. Hence the lack of comments, but be sure that there isn't a lack of interest (how could it be, having a Star Trek game just started and a Mutants & Masterminds one in the works? :) ). I'm trying to increase my feedback. So... keep up the good work!

  3. Heck, I think I got 2 comments a year ago...

    Maybe you should run the ever-popular Blake's 7. (Original) Traveller rules seem made for it.

    Or at least...PIGS IN SPAAAAAAACE! That would be awesome.

  4. Hey, man...I've been off-line for awhile and away from my blog reading for months! Time was when my comments were like a rash all over the I'm barely getting to my own blog.

    That being said...I'm just not very high on Champions. I AM however, extremely high on superheroes lately.

  5. I know that on the average most blogs don't get a lot of interactive participants (unless you're Zak, Jeff or a handful of others), but certain subject seem to generate more interest than others and I was really expecting the Superhero post to do that.

    Oh well.

    @Rob - Yeah, I know. I'm just eager to talk shop, especially when its about Supers.

    @Miguel - Not calling you Valerius is really hard, lol. Your comment prompted me to consider another 'State of Gaming' post to update all the games I'm in (playing or running). Haven't done a concise one in a little while.

    @Matt - The subject of a Blake 7 game has come up numerous times recently in the various blogs, gamer chats and forums where I tend to roam. Could be a sign.

    @JB - High on Supers but not on Champions? That's like cats chasing dogs and boy bands that play instruments. Bizarro World makes more sense. ;)

    1. @ BA:

      It's possible I got into Champs at too late an age (I was in my 30s when I finally got around to picking up a 3rd or 4th edition). I found the tome unusable for anything other than a doorstop.

      'Course, I could never get into GURPS either.

    2. I never got into GURPS myself, though I did play it a few times. I found it suffered from being overly mechanical, something I am not very fond of. I suppose the same can be said for Champions and the HERO System but somehow I like the latter game.

      As an old friend once commented when asked if it was worth getting into GURPS, "Sure, GURPS is great. Why, it's almost Champions!"

    3. Love GURPS...especially not having to calculate 1/4 advantages and 2/3 disadvantages plus 3/16 drawbacks times 11/17 "adders" to determine the "real cost" (or is that "active cost"?) of my power...!

  6. Hey I've been cranking out my once-a-day session summaries and that doesn't leave much time for typing. I have been reading them on the mobile device so I suppose since I have time now I should go comment.

    1. Thanks Blacksteel. Also, kudos on your post-a-day game reports. That's so serious dedication.

      I've read some of them and only glanced at others. Sorry. If it was Superheroes or Sci-Fi I'd been glued to it but you know how I am with Fantasy.

    2. Nah, I know it's not your thing so I'm not really expecting comments. If I get a good sustained run of one of the superhero games it will be different.

  7. Have you tried this:
    I've been curious about it but haven't heard good or bad, was wondering if anyone has tried it or not