Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Campaigns A-To-Z!

Before we begin this trip down memory lane, a little about the format I am using for the descriptions.

First, you'll get the campaign's Title. As best as I can remember it. Not all my old campaigns had titles, but many did and as the years went on it became common practice for me to title them.

This will be followed by what System was used to run the campaign.

Next, you'll get roughly when I ran the game, under the designation 'Circa'. I'm 45 now and these campaigns date back over 36 years or so, so please forgive the imperfection of Human memory. I strive for better.

Player Base will tell you roughly how many players there were and what their age and genders were. Again, I am going to be general here and try to recall the participants as best I can without driving myself nuts.

The Characters section will be used to describe the primary PC characters, major NPCs and secondary or alternate PCs if they proved important to the story.

The Synopsis section will give you the overarching plot or theme of the campaign. Occasionally, this section might include major story arches, subplots or the like. I will also give you how the campaign in question ended.

Which brings me to this...

The campaigns described here are ones I consider complete. They had a beginning, a middle and either an end or were created to be never ending (like a comic book soap opera). The original Star Trek series didn't really end at the end of the show but it had a final episode.

Lastly, the post will end in an 'Appendix N' for that campaign; a list of references and inspirations that lead to the campaigns design.

As always, please ask me any questions you like regarding the campaigns described and tell me about any similar gaming experiences you may have had.

I look for to telling you these tales and reading your responses.

Barking Alien

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