Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ten Year Gap

Lowell Francis, of the blog Age of Ravens and the Play on Target podcast, as well as my staunch ally in the fight against the forces of boredom, and overall unpleasantness, has posed a question most ponderous...

What were you running/playing ten years ago? What systems have come and gone for your group?

Sadly, as much as I love looking back on my previous works, I can not participate in this particular exercise.

You see, in 2005, the greatest gamer I have ever known, my closest friend, and my biggest inspiration...she and I parted ways. My ex-wife.

It would be some time before I felt like gaming again, and it was hard even then to find someone to game with. I had been out of the loop, having gamed with the same group of friends, many of whom were couples, or at least friends of both of ours, for years.

The story has a happy ending...we're friends again, and we get to compare creative notes fairly often. We even game together a few times a year, usually around the 'big' holidays when we're all off from work.

Ten years.

A lot can change in ten years.

Barking Alien

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