Sunday, December 18, 2016

Looking for a Sign

The blog as been incredibly quiet this month...while real life has been anything but calm.

I've been working, spending time with friends, and family, and playing a lot of games. Of the latter, all have been fun, but none has inspired me to post. 


I'm not certain. I just feel like I don't yet have a clear idea of my gaming future, and so I don't really know what to say. I know plans are in the works for upcoming campaigns, but nothing is yet written in stone.

I feel like I'm treading water in a sort of gaming limbo - not going under, not drowning - but wading in the middle of the pool unsure of my next move.

I can't shake a strong desire to run things my players are less likely to be engaged in. 

I'm looking for an opening, a sign...a clear idea of what's going to be a hit with both myself, and my players.

Any ideas?

Barking Alien


  1. Mine is kind of dead right now too, perhaps for many of the same reasons. I have been pretty diligent about posting after-session gaming reports, which get little to no interest. I can't post information about the campaign that I'm running, because I don't want the players to see it. And in the moment I'm not really all that interested in waxing on about something or the other (which also doesn't get all that much traction).

    What I find interesting are the bloggers who crank out a ton of material for games that apparently they aren't running, but which inspire them. The non-campaign material that can be safely shared and actually used by someone else. That seems to be the most popular option I can find.

  2. BA - it is the end of the year, so why not plan some stuff for 2017? Pick say 3 games you haven't run in forever and try a one-shot with one or another of your groups. That way you're still sustaining yourself with the "fun" but also working in some "spice" to push the boundaries a bit.

    Robb - It's always a conundrum, how much to give away. I always treated the session write-ups as being for me and maybe for the players and if anyone else gets anything out of them, well, that's great. You're second point though about writing stuff for games you aren't running ... I'm a little leery of the guy who writes a ton of stuff but never seems to play the game. Could be be good useful stuff, but you can usually tell what's coming out of an actual campaign vs. what's just coming out.

    I've been quiet this week due to busyness. You'd think time off would = more time to write but it hasn't worked out that way. managed to work in some board games, miniatures, and 40k though so I'm not unhappy with it.

    Happy holidays y'all!

    1. Heheh, what do you think I've been doing all this time?

      The fact of the matter is that I've been running a ton of games in the last two weeks - more one-shots then you can shake a stick at!

      And I am planning stuff for 2017 - that's what a number of my recent posts have been about.

      The key is that I don't particularly long to run one-shots in the coming year. What I want, and intend to run, is an ongoing campaign. Now, if one of these one-shots leads to an ongoing I'd be thrilled.

    2. Well that's always the goal, right? I try to think of the one-offs as a teaser trailer or a pilot for the full campaign. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it goes back on the shelf for a while.

  3. I hit a wall in gaming but found just playing one shots of different stuff than norm was good.