Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Not Yet Really For Prime Adventuring Players

Few and far between are my posts this December.

It's just been too crazy a month.

I find myself with an entire few seconds just now, so I thought I would put you all on to something some friends of mine are doing.

The Pod of Many Casts is a new podcast series in which a group of people play D&D. Wow, right? Sooo special. Don't let the seemingly common theme fool you. This one has a twist. 

It's funny. Really funny.

The group consists of a number of oddball characters, and those are just the players! Two good friends of mine (and people I game with in person), Leo and Alex, are involved and I couldn't be happier. They are clever chaps, and have a background in improv comedy.

The cast of PCs is at once familiar to those who know D&D, and tweaked to be a bit off the beaten path. I am especially intrigued by Plum - excuse me, Princess Plum, and her valiant steed...well...I'll let you hear that for yourselves.

Available on iTunes, and elsewhere for the price of naught by a listen.

Highly recommended as a break from the norm.

Enjoy, Happy Holidays and Good Luck in the New Year!

Barking Alien

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