Sunday, July 1, 2018


"I love Superheroes! The powers, the costumes, the mythic struggles..."
-Winston Deavor, Incredibles 2

I feel you brother.

You want to know how I like them best? Well, I like them best as they appear in...

In recent years I feel like the number of games I've run in the Superhero genre has finally exceeded my running of Science Fiction, my #1 favorite genre to GM. 

While I have had a blast creating and refereeing Superhero campaigns across a fairly wide range of settings, styles, and tones, I feel as if I have yet to run that perfect 'retro-modern Silver Age' game that I really want to run deep down in my deep down parts.

One of the reasons I haven't is that it is difficult for me to explain exactly the setting and atmosphere I want to get across. It's hard to put into words. However...The Incredibles is it!

I loved the first Incredibles movie so much! As with many things I enjoy to this degree I obsessed over minor details, background characters, concept art, alternate/deleted scenes, and all the lore I could find both in and out of the movie's universe. 

I knew that at some point I would have to run an Incredibles game. 

Within days of seeing the original film I started to develop ideas for an Incredibles RPG campaign. My main issue was system, as is often the case, as I didn't want to go as crunch heavy as Champions or as light as Teenagers from Outer Space (though I did consider it). 

Sadly, I could find neither the right balance nor the group or the time to get my ideas to the table.

Even though the first movie came out in 2004, I wouldn't get the chance to run an Incredibles game until 2013. I ran a really fun 4 hour session at the now sadly defunct RECESS Game Day Event (orchestrated by NerdNYC).

Why did it take so long to create an Incredibles based RPG adventure? Why did it take so long to make a second film? Huh? Answer me that! Sorry. I was a little bitter for fourteen years. 

The reason it took so long for me to run an Incredibles game is that I didn't feel that I had the right mix of elements necessary to insure a truly epic game worthy of the IP and my love of it. I needed the right time, place, people, and concept. Huh. Same as Brad Bird. Whoah. Great minds I guess. I take back any and all bitterness.

Now, with a fantastic sequel in theaters even as we speak, my obsession with this universe is completely re-ignited and even enhanced! I have researched everything from maps of the fictional cities, to the possible origins of Supers, to many other aspect which would give me ample fuel needed to rocket a group of willing players into the amazing world of The Incredibles!

This month, in addition to other posts on a variety of gaming subjects, I am going to detail my thoughts on The Incredibles universe and running a Superhero RPG campaign there.

Please join me as we fight crime, save the city - no, the world!, and get back in time to help Dash finish his homework, see how Violet's date with Tony went, and get Jack-Jack to bed at a reasonable hour!

Expect The Incredible!

Barking Alien


  1. I have yet to watch the second,but the first one is a favourite of mine. It has all the humor that made animation mainstream for grown-ups, but also great action and a very good plot (I love the parallelisms with Watchmen!).

    Superhero games have been my frustration as a GM and as a player, so it's always good to read about them.

    1. See the movie. See it! It is AMAZING!

      As for Superhero games, I've talked a lot about them in the past but I hope this particular series of posts adds something new and helpful to the mix.

      No guarantee of course. ;)

  2. Really interested in seeing your takes on System and Setting for an Incredibles-based Supers campaign!

    1. Me too. lol

      It's still a work in progress. I am going through a host of ideas on the subject and trying very hard to lock it all down into a cohesive whole.

  3. I'm with you here BA - they're good movies and really good superhero movies and there is really nothing I can find not to like about them.

  4. Adam, if you run an Incredibles game and _don't_ include me, I may have to do something horrible to you, like stick you with babysitting Jack-Jack.