Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Pattern Recognition

I am currently at an RPG crossroads, having finished (for now) two online campaigns I was running and having another one I was in as a player sort of peter out. As I've not yet started any new games to replace the completed ones, I am faced with the draw of my 'Gaming Pattern' as mentioned in my previous post. 

This means I should be feeling the desire to run Star Trek and even getting some ideas for a campaign popping into my head. 

Well, it just so happens I am.

Of a kind. I'll explain...

I keep coming back to this idea of running a campaign based on Star Trek, or perhaps the TV series 'The Orville', using Star Trek Adventures with the premise of a ship and crew focused on Second Contact, as described in the new Star Trek animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. 

Essentially the idea is that the PCs and their vessel are charged with the follow-up to the more glamorous job of First Contact; it's up to them to get an embassy or permanent research team set up, determine all the best places to eat, make sure all the documentation has the native species' name spelled correctly, and that sort of thing. 

In addition to the somewhat tongue-in-cheek atmosphere that the overall campaign would have, there will be an attempt to get to know a planet and its people better than we usually do in an episode of Space Adventure Science Fiction television. We might spend a little more time with 'mundane' things like studying the world's weather, creature migrations, or particulars of the native culture(s). 

To some extent this idea is one I've had for some time; seeking a way to treat a Starfleet (or Planetary Union Fleet) visit to an alien world more like one from the classic RPG Traveller (in fact I might get the chance to use ideas from Grand Census and The World Builder's Handbook). 

Two additional notes:

Adding more Science Fiction to the baseline of Star Trek style adventure feels like it would need a touch of levity to balance it out and prevent it from potentially becoming dry. This is one of the reasons I like developing the game with a 'dramady' approach. 

Also interesting to point out is the fact that I really miss running comedic games, something that my recent Red Dwarf / ALIEN RPG reminded me. That campaign went especially well and proved once again that combining serious Sci-Fi, quirky characters, and surreal, even absurd situations is an alchemy mixture that results in gaming gold. 

Barking Alien

PS: A very Happy 54th Birthday / Anniversary to my beloved Star Trek, which first aired on September 8th, 1966. 

Happy Star Trek Day to One and All across the universe!

Live Long and Prosper!

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