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Star Trek: Renown - The Motion Picture - Part I

Shhh...the movie is about to start!


Our crew is (left to right):

Ensign Barbara 'Babs' Sanchez, Chief Communications Officer - Human, Female. - Eric
Commander Sovik, First Officer and Chief Tactical Officer - Vulcan, Male. - Will
Lt. Commander Rrr'owfrtt, Chief Science Officer - Caitian, Male. - Joe
Captain Logan Hendrix, Commanding Officer - Human, Male. - David
Lt. Tabula, Chief Helmsman - Deltan, Gender Undefined. - AJ
Doctor Kron'kite, Chief Medical Officer - Kazarite, Male. - Mike

The scene opens in space, the Miranda Class USS Renown entering orbit around a beautiful blue-green planet not unlike Earth. In the background a variety of other starships of different shapes and sizes can be seen circling the other side of the world. The camera pans in close to the Renown and then sweeps around in to get the perfect indulgent beauty shots of the hero vessel. 

Over this we hear the voice of the ship's commanding officer, Captain Logan Hendrix (David Concepcion).

We then cut to Captain Hendrix and Captain Christine McAllister (captain of the USS Daring and Hendrix's long time long interest) standing in the Renown's Transporter Room 1. Capt. McAllister is adjusting Hendrix's dress uniform and asking him if he's nervous. He says he's not because this all feels right. McAllister wishes him luck and as she departs the room for the Shuttlebay, Commander Sovik, Lt. Commander Rrr'owfrtt, and Ensign Sanchez enter along with two security officers - Lt. Horowitz and Crewman Jones. 

After a brief discussion of the mission at hand and some clarifications of their various roles in the proceedings, the group beams down to the surface of Gamma Dorado III and the Peace Conference with the species of the Bluebell Reach. 

Once they materialized they were greeted by representatives of the major delegations: 

Left to right: The Froskr of the Froskr Imperium, the Alfeans of the Alfean Grand Empire, the Hudra of the Hudra Council of Tribes, and a representative of the Vanir. 

Introductions and pleasantries were exchanged followed by the entire group heading to the Federation Diplomatic Outpost for meal before beginning the official talks and negotiations. 

Meanwhile on the Renown, Lt. Tabula had the conn while Dr. Kron'kite tended to the animals in the Med Lab adjacent to Sickbay. Like Dr. Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise, Kron'kite kept various alien critters around for study, medicinal research, but also and more importantly, for companionship. Kron'kite's species, the Kazarites, can telepathically communicate with animals. His favorite or more accurately his closest confidant was a Kazarian Volcano Lizard named Vort (who resembled a reddish-brown iguana).

While tending to his little friends, Kron'kite suddenly noticed them becoming anxious and agitated. He felt a strange presence himself but couldn't place it. The Doctor removed Vort from his habitat, placed him around his shoulders, and went for a walk about on the ship to try and determine where the disturbance was coming from. After finding it weaker in some areas and stronger in others, Kron'kite headed to the bridge to inform Lt. Tabula. 

Back on the bridge the empathic Tabula was also noticing something amiss but couldn't put his/her finger on it. The turbolift door opened to reveal Kron'kite and Vort. As Tabula began asking why there was a lizard on the bridge, Kron'kite casually described what he had experienced. The two were about to discuss it further when the Renown received a distress call from the USS Strider, a Federation Scout Ship near Phi Eridani. The vessel was in trouble, possibly under attack by Romulans, and needed assistance. Communication was choppy at best due to the conditions of the Nebula. Lt. Tabula told them to hang on and they help was on the way. Tabula then contacted the captain down on the planet, opening with the line, "Sir, there are feelings and they're disturbing the iguana..."

"Come again?", replied Captain Hendrix.

Tabula, with Kron'kite's assistance, informed the Captain about the Strider's situation and asked if they should investigate. To everyone's surprise (including my own) Hendrix said no, the Peace Negotiations were too important. He advised they see if any of the other vessels in the sector were closer to the Strider, as Phi Eridani was indeed quite a distance away. Eventually, the USS Courage was sent to check things out. Hendrix and Commander Sovik exchanged glances. Both agreed it could be a distraction or trick to delay the Peace Talks or even leave them vulnerable to attack or sabotage. 

Returning to the Gamma Dorado III Outpost, we spend some time having the Starfleet officers interact with the delegates. The Captain gets along well with everyone but of special interest is the Alfeans as they have come the furthest and changed the most since first meeting them. Sovik speaks to them as well but focuses on the enigmatic Vanir, who seems both fascinated and amused by the proceedings. Ensign Sanchez gets on surprising well with the Hudra. Their mutual labor class mentalities and love of physical sports seem to line up perfectly. She is also much tougher and stronger than most Humans as she hails from a heavy gravity world. Lastly, the Froskr try to impress Lt. Commander Rrr'owfrtt - the Caitian Science Officer - with their own scientific knowledge and advanced technological accomplishments. The 'Disarming Nature' of the Caitian seems to charm the bullying and boasting amphibians.

As the various participants talk, laugh, eat, and discuss the agenda for the Peace Talks, a Vulcan woman enters and introduces herself to the Captain as Ambassador Saret, a Federation DiplomaticAttache' assigned to assist Hendrix during the negotiations. As she states, "With all due respect, you are an excellent Starfleet Captain but you are not a Diplomat or a Politician." Hendrix can't argue with that thanks her for her help.

Commander Sovik, no stranger to diplomacy and politics, makes some die rolls and Focus check. He finds out enough to make him suspicious about the Ambassador but instead of confronting her about it, he proceeds to speak with the Vanir Representative. To the Vanir he asks, "Why are you here?"

On the Renown in orbit the Lieutenant receives word from the USS Courage that they arrived at Phi Eridani to find absolutely nothing. No sign of a conflict, no sign of the Strider. Tabula suggested they give the system another once over and then head out, thanking them for their assist. Tabula and Kron'kite are sure it was a distraction now but to what end and how did they fool the communications systems? Contacting the USS Daring and the USS Invincible, Lt. Tabula suggested they be on alert and not to be surprised if they receive a request for back-up before the day was through.

Kron'kite focused on zeroing in on the uneasy feelings he had perceived earlier. The feeling permeated the bridge but also extended beyond it. After a quick discussion with Tabula, they decided to scan the immediate area and the planets surface, specifically near the Diplomatic Outpost. The Science Officer on duty reported detecting Quantum fluctuations and a high volume of Alpha Waves. Hmmm. Aren't Alpha Waves a side effect of psionic phenomena?

Just then, the ship's Navigator exclaimed that they detected two vessels warping into the vicinity. "Two Romulan Destroyers approaching to Port! They...They've Cloaked!"

Tabula yelled, "Red Alert! Raise Shields! All hands to battlestations! Communications, hail the Captain!"

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