Sunday, May 15, 2022

New Horizons

A bold new chapter in one of my favorite Space Adventure franchises is about to begin...

Kenobi? Oh, right there's also Kenobi. I was thinking of...

Engage Quantum Drive and get some music for these elevators!

The third season of The Orville, entitled The Orville: New Horizons, begins on Thursday, June 2nd. In the United States it will air on the streaming service Hulu. There will be 11 episodes, two less than the previous season but each episode will be roughly 15 minutes longer. 

In addition, the make-up, sets, and effects - already incredibly impressive for television - looks  to have gotten a heck of a boost. A new bridge set, improved practical effects, new uniforms, and a brand new cast member! Ann Winters will be joining the crew as Ensign Charly Burke, the USS Orville's new Navigator.

Could I be more excited? Let me check...nope, I don't believe so. 

The first season was funny, fresh, and yet shimmered with the light of classic and Next Generation Star Trek. The characters were likeable, the stories and relationships engaging and clever, the ship designs were awesome, and I was definitely looking forward to the second season. 

Season 2 was almost a different beast. Everything except the humor was turned up to 11. The humor was actually turned down a bit, giving the series a more serious Science Fiction tone. The overarching plots running through the show over the two seasons really came to a head, some stories colliding with each other to create a new status quo. 

An incredible set up for season three!

And now, the future of the future is upon us. 

As you can see, no spoilers here. If you want to know what happened in the first two seasons you'll have to watch this fantastic show for yourselves. I highly recommend it. Besides, you'll need to prep for Season 3! What are you waiting for? 

Now, this is primarily an RPG blog and yes, I have a strong inclination to run an Orville RPG campaign. I should say an inclination to try again. I've tried three times in fact, with the last one being the most effective overall. I can only imagine that after this new season, I will be all the more jazzed to give it another go. 

I can't wait to post all my thoughts and ideas on the subject and I don't even know what they're going to be yet! I just know I was really inspired by the previous seasons and I can only imagine what MacFarlane and his team have instore for us next. Expect to see some posts on converting Modiphius's Star Trek Adventures to The Orville universe sometime this Summer. 

Once again, we need not fear the banana,

Barking Alien

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