Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50 Sense

A couple quick notes...

First, I have 50 followers! Great Galactic Green Dog that's cool!

Thanks to everyone who has decided that reading my mad attempts at creativity and storytelling are some form of entertainment. Tell a friend.

Second, I've been trying to locate an out-of-print game for a while now and have been unable to do so. With 50 of you I'm thinking someone can find it. I'm speaking of course of Hunter Planet (either edition/version). Also, check out my Hunter Planet request and notes on the EN World post,
Hunting for Hunter Planet.

Third, and lastly for now, I'm putting together a Meikyuu Kingdom inspired set of rules for my players and I. Not very accurate to the original by any means I am none the less trying to build something we can use to play a similar game on a regular basis. I am so in love with this idea it borders on my obession with cute, geeky, brunettes with glasses who...and I'm entering TMI space so I'll stop right there.

Barking Alien


  1. I look forward to hearing more about your high adventures with cute, nerdy types with glasses. :)

  2. Hah! 51 now!
    Sorry, I just had to tip the scale.

  3. BTW, here is a site I found to assist the search for Hunter Planet.

  4. @Christian- If only I had the time and a more proper venue. Heheh

    @Stormcrow- I've seen this site before many time but never realized what it was really about, other than being one of the few places with even passing details on HP. Thanks. It deserves a more detailed look.

    Oh and if any cute, nerdy type gals are reading this and would like to contact me just leave a message here.

    Please. ^ ^;

  5. You've got more followers than me. I'm jealous.