Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Should Be A Piece of Pie

I've kind of commited to running a few games in the new year and I just can't seem to drum up any enthusiasm for them. I'm drawing a creative blank. Actually, that's not completely true. I just can't seem to get excited about these particular ideas right now.

Part of it is that I'm a little down in the dumps in general, funds are short, bills are high and my insomnia is kicking into overdrive lately. Given those factors, I might be more focused on having fun if I could clear some of that stuff up.

At the same token, a new year always makes me think of games I've never run before, haven't run in a long time or that I think I can run better than the last time I did it. A new year means new possibilities, right? I hope so. 2010 sucked eggs. Someone get Clarke on the phone. He promised a lot of crap he didn't deliver. It wasn't full of stars, it was full of sh...

Moving right what is on my mind?

Meikyuu Kingdom
Damn but I can't stop thinking about how freaking cool this game would be if only I really understood how to play to the point where I could run it. Some day...

Retro-Superhero Concept
I can see this idea fairly clearly but its hard to articulate. Imagine combining G-Men and Supermen and Witless Minions with the worlds of Megamind and The Incredibles. Period piece set in the late 60's into early 70's.

Star Trek
Yep. Got Star Trek on the brain again. Happens every year around this time. I'm as predictable as Vulcan Mating Season.

Those are my main ones. If I can just finalize some concepts so I could start working on a campaign it'd be awesome.

Anyway, gonna try to sleep. Wish me luck.

Barking Alien


  1. I hear ya about the creative rut. I've been trying to get to the finish line of several projects and it always seems like the stuff I HAVE to do sucks the life out of the stuff I WANT to do!

    Here's hoping we all come back with re-charged batteries after the holidays.

  2. Agreed.

    I'm waiting for one of my 'gaming epiphanies' to strike. I get them every so often. A moment where all this stuff I've been thinking about clicks together into one awesome idea. In the past these have resulted in some of my best games including Galaxy Quest, (my version of) Extended Mission, my old Wizard of Oz game, etc.

    I'm really close to one. I can feel it. It revolves around the retro-Silver Age-superhero game idea with a twist. Venture Brothers is sneaking in as inspiration. The look is all Megamind meets Incredibles. So close I can taste it...tastes like a shake and chili-cheese fries...