Monday, April 23, 2012

New Age Heroes - Part 2

I realize that the previous post may have been a bit confusing without certain frame of reference elements. As noted, there are past posts that reference the ups and downs of our Champions game. Essentially, after the initial story arc, Jeff got married and wasn't able to come around and play on our scheduled day. We took a short break, originally thought to be a long and/or even indefinite one, only to miss it and try to resurrect it some time later with a few new players added.

The first attempt to pump new life into it was a one shot that really didn't pan out well. A second attempt was made a bit later after a little tweaking and it turned out much better. While not quite up to its former glory yet, the game shows continued potential.

Now, three sessions after the restart, Jeff returns! He will be available on and off, roughly every other session, so his character has become more of a support character with an eye toward helping facilitate several projects that may radically change the background and setting. Woohoo! I am so excited I can hardly wait to see what the heck he's going to do.

If you will recall in my
previous post, The Power had gone off half-cocked to investigate several instances that the team had learned about just prior to his making a fool of himself and getting canned from Project: UNITY.

When Jeff's character Revenant (formerly known as Siphon Zero) returns from a black ops mission in Afghanistan and discovers what happened, he decides to have a heart to heart talk with NPC group leader Night Force. Revenant brings up some great points and spouts some solid philosophy and the next thing you know he's convinced Night Force to give The Power another chance. Revenant contacts The Power on his cell (they were pals outside of the team as well as on) and talks him into waiting for a lift back to New York and UNITY's base.

Only...The Power doesn't intend to 'wait' exactly. He is going to try and check into what's going on before heading home.

Meanwhile, Dave's alt character, Silver Sun, met up with Britian's Ultramarine while saving the international space station. A huge fan of Ultramarine's, Silver Sun asks if he can fly with him back to England. Ultramarine agrees and the two fellows end up talking shop and comparing notes. Finally arriving in London, Silver Sun gets to meet the entire British super team. Silver Sun decides to hang out with them for a bit and he and several members go for breakfast and of course, tea.

Now Conrad was out Saturday, so we didn't do much with his character Makeshift, a mysterious android found inside a bunker-like base belonging to the high-tech, anti-supers villain Paradigm Shift. Shift was our main nemesis in the first story arc and now here in the second, some of what he left behind after being sent to prison is continuing to make life heck for the heroes. Is Makeshift one such element or is something deeper at work here? Time will tell.

Much, much more happened in the roughly 8 hour session but that should suffice for now.

As always, more to come,

Barking Alien


  1. So much jetsetting! Neat!

    In most of my games, the players never leave town, unless to go to a Monster Island or an Underwater Lair or something like that. Everything happens inside the periphery of the city.

  2. Every game I run, from D&D to Supers to Science Fiction, feature fairly frequent travel across pretty large distances. I am a little obsessed with the idea of different environments and settings within a setting.

    So far, in the roughly 25+ sessions we've had of this campaign we has visited New York (including NYC and Upstate), New Jersey, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, within 25 miles of the Mexico border, the Colorado Rockies, peach orchards in Georgia, one of the Hawaiian islands, a secret base in the Swiss Alps, England, Earth orbit and a bit further into Outer Space.

    We've referenced but not actually travelled to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and North Africa.

    Another reason I am less of a D&D/Medieval Fantasy fan is that travel is so damn difficult in that "period" without magic.

  3. Interesting. I just incorporate everything into my Hub City surroundings, so there's no need to leave town. I take the Astro City approach--there's Abandoned Amusement Park row, and Little [Insert-Needed-Ethnicity-Region-Here], Shiny Industrial Park, etc.

    Basically, I just roll Metropolis and Gotham and every other city into one.

  4. I've done that to be sure but for this campaign, with it's slightly harder edged nature, required I set the game in the 'real world', with no fictious large cities.

    The PCs are based in New York City, just as the players live in New York City (or its surrounding boroughs) and that makes the setting not only feel more vivid and real but also means I need a place (or places) for things that don't exist in NYC.