Thursday, April 19, 2012

Storming Heaven

I was talking to one of my players about how he wanted to spend his experience points in our Champions campaign and after he told me what he was thinking of doing I said, "Very logical."

He replied with a "Thank you Captain" and for a brief moment neither of us said a word. This pause in our Champions conversation was immediately followed by his request that, one of these days soon, I run a one-shot or short campaign of FASA Star Trek.



I am on such a superhero kick right now that pretty much the only thing you could tempt me with would be Star Trek. And FASA Star Trek at that! While I dearly love the Last Unicorn Games ICON system edition, there is a very special place in my heart for FASA Trek as any long time reader of this blog knows.

If you don't know this or are not a long time reader (Hey, it's possible. Not everyone is as lucky and privileged as you are), please check out some of my earliest entries on the subject or follow the label marked
Star Trek.

Will I be accommodating my good friend's request? Most assuredly. Soon? Perhaps. Right now I need to finish the current adventure in our Champions game and reestablish the flow of the campaign before I consider dabbling in something else.

It's funny but it just some happens that I am currently reading Storming Heaven, the latest and last book in the Star Trek: Vanguard series of Trek novels. Picked it up the same day my pal asked about playing Trek. Surely it's a sign.

Barking Alien


  1. Just letting you know I chimed in on your prior superhero posts. I missed them earlier in the week, and I apologize for not responding to something I had a hand in.

  2. Storming Heaven is out? Damn, I only just got hold of the previous two! I've loved Vanguard since the start: mostly new characters in a new setting in the classic era - superb. It'll be sad to see it end.

    I'm looking at running some Trek myself in the near future: Prime Directive RPG-style Prime Team operating in the Orion-Klingon-Triangle region. But I do worry about not getting enough players (my traditional problem). I love the FASA take on the setting but never really got on with the system and Coda and Icon both have their issues. It seems sacrilege to convert it to something like Savage Worlds!

  3. @Justin - Thanks man. I have since responded and expanded on my Supers posts.

    @Astronut - I happen to really, really like ICON, never cared for Coda for Star Trek (it's too D&D-ish) and of course I have a love for FASA that is probably 75% nostalgic.

    Prime Directive style hmmm? Interesting. Familiar though I am with the Starfleet Battles/Prime Directive universes, I prefer to stick with the more canon, true to the show Star Trek elements.

    Well, except Voyager. ;)