Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Return To Dungeons And Dragons

Sorry I've been gone so long loyal fans, friends and faithful followers but I had to let this place lie fallow for a while so I could announce my newest endeavour.

Dungeons and Dragons - The MegaDungeon known as...

The Crypt of Neppah Ot Gniog Reven, The Lord of A Zillion Chambers!


I can't wait. I've gotten everyone together, we've created a host of PCs strictly by the book using Labyrinth Lord mixed with 1st Edition AD&D and we expect few if any to survive. So excited!

So as to save time better used listening to pop music, I have created a series of over 100 random charts that will tell me everything from what the rooms in the megadungeon look like to what monsters will be encountered and of course, which PC dies in that particular session. I even have a chart to randomly determine which chart to use at any given moment. What could be better?

Anyway I am so jazzed to be back and I'll be blogging about this new campaign as soon as we get started. I have posts on new forms of initiative (using a D30 and a D20 and an additional random chart), house rules for weapon speeds (because seriously, who isn't interested in how quickly you can swing a Guisarme at a Shambling Mound? Am I right?) and my favorite, the Ecology of The Giant Turtle.

Come back soon and join in on all the excitement!


Barking Alien