Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marvel Marches On In March

Lazy post today since I am exhausted and it's only Tuesday. With the later half of the week looking busier then the first half I gotta wonder how I am going to survive til the weekend. Add to this the fact that the Marvel Heroic Core Book, while available as a PDF, IS NOT AVAILABLE IN PRINT FORM! Sorry to yell but Margaret Weis Productions, Whassupwitdat!

Nonetheless I have managed to drum up enough energy to post these links, drawing your attention to some cool Marvel Heroic related sites.

The first is
Exploring Infinity. The owner of this blog, bless his obessive spirit, has complied pretty much every link, article, forum post and whatnot there is on the new Marvel game onto one handy-dandy page.

Well, not every blog post of course but he tries. Now in case you missed these...
Here's some additional thoughts from Lord Blacksteel

While it's mentioned on Exploring Infinity complilation page, I would like to point out Plot Points, Dice Monkey's new blog specifically centered on, in and around Marvel Heroic. Nice job by the way!

Anyway, that's all for me for now. I have other ideas and things swirling around in my head but nothing in my stomach so it's dinner time.

Later Days,

Barking Alien


  1. Sniff, I'm just not big-time enough ...

  2. Not big time enough? Are you kidding? Not only did I link you but I thought your insight were either right on the money or they made me think about the game even more to try to prove differences of opinion.

    For example, you mildly lamented the lack of vehicle rules but I saw vehicles in their, between the lines and couldn't quite figure out how to pull them off until you pointed it out.

    Sadly we were both scooped by Exploring Infinity who basically came up with the same idea I had but more eloquently and actually posted it up.


  3. Hope you're feeling less exhausted and blog again soon. Until then, have a groovy weekend and boogie boogie.