Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Constant Con, FLAILSNAILS and Tasting Pennies

I have no idea why but over the last twenty four hours, I can't stop thinking about joining in on a Constant Con game. It makes no logical sense. I am currently nigh-obsessed with Supers gaming, I dislike D&D in all its forms quite a bit and I find gaming over the Internet very hit and miss.

So why the interest? Surely running Supers beats playing with Flailsnails in my book. Why bother?

Though I have spent most of my young and adult life being rather cautious and preferring to play it safe, my gaming tastes have always leaned toward trying out any new experience I come across, no matter how foreboding or dangerous they may seem.

The real me looks both ways before crossing, always double checks the lock on my front door and practically never gambles (rarely even playing the lottery). The gaming me is the kid putting his tongue on an ice cold lamppost, riding my bike without a helmet and putting pennies in my mouth just to find out if they really taste as bad as everyone says.

I have recently been following Jeff Rients posts on his Wessex game and I just read this post by
Lord Gwydion wherein he describes his first Constant Con experience. The next thing I know I'm thinking, "Hey, how can I get in on this action?". I am considering the idea that I'll get to see what all the hubbub is about, maybe get a better insight into why people enjoy D&D (and its brethern) so much and get to meet some new people while I'm at it.

That said, I still don't 100% know if I want to do this. It's time I could be spending working on one of own campaigns. Every time I sit down to play D&D I am promised (by myself or others) that this time D&D won't suck for me and inevitably, the game sucks.

Maybe it's a phase I am going through. A fever perhaps or an undigested bit of beef.

For now, I shall continue considering...

Barking Alien

My apologies to both John Byrne and the original Flail Snail artist whose name I can't recall or find.

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