Monday, March 12, 2012

The Passing of Moebius

Jean Giraud, better known to many as Moebius, has passed away, leaving the world with one less brilliant artist, visionary and true innovator in the field of science fiction and fantasy design.

While I have no desire to compare and/or contrast the two men and their art, the news of Moebius' passing seems to come all too soon after we lost Ralph McQuarrie. I feel sad, not only for the loss of two of my favorite artists but also for the loss of their impact on the medium to future generations of film goers, art fans and concept artists and designers. Will my nephew know their works? I hope so. If given the chance I will try to make sure he gets to see some of his uncle's cool art books and know the history of those who contributed to them.

Anyway, I am here to pass on a message, pay homage and spread the good word that though he has passed, Giraud's legacy does live on in the films he worked on and those who remember him and appreciate his work. I leave you not with sorrow but with the merest taste of grandeur...

Barking Alien


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