Thursday, March 1, 2012

Out Like A Lamb

I dislike opening a month on a sad note but I would be remiss in my duty as a huge fan of The Monkees if I didn't acknowledge the passing of the one and only Davy Jones.

I grew up watching the Monkees and their made-for-TV-psychidelic hijinks and can honestly place some of their songs as among my favorite pieces of music of all time. A love of the Monkees (and gaming) was one of the things I shared with my ex-wife Selina. I remember we dated for about a year or so before moving in together and it wasn't until we did that I found out she liked them as much as I did. Great memories.

So long Daydream Believer, you will be missed.

Barking Alien


  1. And so another piece of childhood fades away :(

  2. Yes, a very sad day. He will be missed.