Monday, May 21, 2012

A Lotta Years

In August I will be celebrating 35 years in the hobby.

35 years.

That's a lotta years.

I have known the owner of my FLGS since I was 14. I am now 43 (though still boyishly handsome).

That's a lotta years.


But a Dynamite 35 years I've got to say.

That kind of milestone has me thinking about the future...

I am loving my current Champions campaign, even with the occasional minor detours and speed bumps but starting at the end of August or beginning of September I would like to start something new.

We are currently somewhere around the 30th session (roughly) and I think three more months is more than enough time to wrap up many of the current plots and subplots. Many mind you but not all. I am not aiming at ending the campaign by destroying the world or any such nonsense as I love this world and want to be able to go back to it at some point if we feel like it. At the same time, the last story arc will likely be pretty apocalyptic and if the heroes fail to stop it...well, they will certainly be playing a very different kind of campaign if we return to that setting.

So what's next on the agenda?


Well wouldn't you know it but in talking with a couple of my players (still haven't had the chance to talk to all of them about it) the desire to have me run my fantasy game/setting came up. Of course it did. Everyone loves my D&D-But-Not game but me, well, I would rather run something (pretty much anything) other than fantasy.

Science Fiction of the Traveller, Star Trek or other, like minded, space exploration, star-spanning variety is definitely high on my list. At least one player is up for that. Hmmm.

Another Supers game? Seriously? Aren't you sick of Supers by now? Actually, no, I'm not and it surprises even me. I have an idea for a sandboxy take on a Superhero campaign that I haven't really done before. It would be quite different from 'The New Age of Champions' and therefore certainly worth exploring.

Other ideas are swirling about as well but none as solidly as these.

Oh the possibilities. I wonder...

Barking Alien

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