Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Somebody Save Me

Following the successful saving of both person (The cosmic interdimensional vagabond known as The Wanderer) and property (An innocent Sunday School in Arkansas), the heroes return with their new arrival to their main base in New York.

What followed was an attempt to determine what to do next which resulted in...I don't know how else to put this...superhuman brain farts.

The assembled awesomeness of Project: UNITY, heroes that previously defeated the likes of Paradigm Shift, Dr. Helix, The Golden Marauder, Think Tank and Gigaton, were completely stymied.

Simplified, the situation is this:

Ishtara Dys'Dayn, conqueroring 'Empress of a Billion Dimension', has discovered the existance of Dark Seraph, an seriously evil fallen angel bent on taking over or destroying Heaven, Hell and Earth. She has decided he is so interesting, exciting and unique that she is going to free Dark Seraph from his imprisonment in The Abyss and, y'know, see if he wants to hang out.

The key phrase above is 'going to'. She has not yet reached him.

Their main approach to the problem was to get help from one or more of The Wanderer's fellow cosmic beings, The Extrastentials. The focus of their plan was to convince these reality spanning entities to fight, trap or otherwise stop the trans-universal power couple of Dys'Dayn and Dark Seraph from kicking this dimension's quantum butt.

When I asked, "How are you going to convince them to do that. Why should they help you?", the players largely responded with the most trivial of reasons. Dave had Silver Sun (though it is in character for Silver Sun I suppose) say something like, "You see this technomagic nanotech skin I have? This is the most incredible thing I have ever encountered. If this universe is destroyed than this unique thing won't exist."

Really? In all the parallel worlds of the multiverse there is nothing like this? There are no parallel Silver Suns? This is made even odder by the fact that we actually mentioned a parallel Silver Sun earlier in the adventure. Also, your own power is the most amazing thing you've ever seen? And you say this as you talk about the coming of a fallen angel and the extradimensional wicked queen who has the hots for him to a glowing green guy in a cape and toga who is on a walkabout through different realities? Self absorbed much?* / **

What should the heroes do? Tell me what you'd do.

Barking Alien

*I am teasing here Dave. It did strike me as odd though. I know Silver Sun is young and inexperienced compared to some of the other heroes but it just struck me as odd. To me it was like looking at your hand, thinking it was incredible and saying, "Hey, isn't my hand incredible?" to a Giant, Glowing Hand.

**My current batch of players, and I've noticed this for some time now, remind me of MMO players who don't team. You're in an online world with thousands of other people and you solo like you're playing a single player game. It's like the other players and their PCs aren't that important. They are playing next to each other but not with each other. Very weird.


  1. What would I do... um, find an equally hot dude to interest the Queen type chick for a while? You know, the Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Johnny Depp of the superverse.... pay him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of money to be a distraction for a bit...

    Move the prison. Make it stronger. Make it invisible/undetectable. Make it boring. (REALLY boring. Like..... Ben Stiller boring.)

    Make a massive scavenger hunt that she has to follow to get to the prison... and or the hawt dude in question.

    Maybe the bigger problem is the lack of playing with each other... find a way to unite them so they can be smarter than the average bear...

    Good luck

  2. Some of your ideas are quite, er, inventive. O_0

    Actually the first one is hilarious but you may have missed a few elements about where he is imprisoned.

    Dark Seraph is trapped in The Abyss, a theoretically infinitely deep hole with equally infinite layers or levels around its edge. The more evil and despicable you are, the lower the lower you dwell on. Because of his very nature, Dark Seraph plummets eternally down the center, far from the walls/levels. His own evil persona keeps him constantly falling.

    Asking the PCs to move The Abyss is like asking them to move Hell or Olympus.

    Make it stronger? Interesting. I wonder how you would do that.

    Make it invisible or undetectable. Cool idea. Again, a hard trick but a good one.

    We can't exactly put her on a Scavenger Hunt. She is heading there now. She seems to know where it is and how to get in (She is the Empress of A Billion Dimensions after all).

    You hit on it a bit though. Most of your suggestions follow the theme I am thinking of while most of the ideas my players had were about what to do to combat the two villain when they arrive.

    'When they arrive'. *Wink*