Friday, November 2, 2012

NaGa DeMon Versus Barking Alien - Day 2

Everything you know is a lie.
What? You knew that? Well, then not everything I guess.
I can tell you that I told a little white lie yesterday. I am not really feeling Visitors From Space. The POP! I was hoping for, the one I got from some of my previous projects (The Muppets, The Smurfs, my Expanded Extended Mission campaign, etc.), didn't come full force. Not like it did for those others. This was a bubble wrap pop and not a huge, loud...I'm thinking more BOOM Tube BOOM! than a mere pop here people. That's what I am waiting for. That's not only going to get the office light to go on, it's going to keep it on.
Several nefarious elements have conspired to make me want to drop this project (Visitors From Space - Not the whole NaGa DeMon challenge).
Broken hearted and depressed, it's hard to generate a comedic RPG.
I like the concept, I don't love the concept. To finish and play it in a month, I need to LOVE it.
Some things challenge organizer Nathan Russell posted recently.
I really need to rethink this. To re-feel this. I seem to be out of tune with the force.
Bare with me...
Barking Alien


  1. From looking at your "About me" box - it has happened then, the breakup is official?

    Man, I feel so sorry for you. Keep your head up and all the best to you.

    Kind Regards from Germany,


    1. Thanks Kai. I appreciate your kind words.

      Life goes on.

  2. Well, the idea process you described in the last post works similarly for me - the really good stuff just seems to be there one morning (or one night) when I wake up and it's pretty much fully-formed.

    Now some almost-as good stuff will percolate for days or months or years, sometimes as a series of notes, and then kinda come together all at once too.

    Sometimes though the not-quite-done stuff needs a little more time and if you try to force it then it doesn't come together - that sounds like what happened here. Ah well - Next!

  3. look i was scared when i decided to change careers to pursue a comic have to go for it full throttle have people who support your ideas and sometimes you can be your own worst enemy so dont over think it.....not try, DO