Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Downs and Ups

Saturday was a dud.

The regular game was cancelled and an attempt at an impromptu get together at my FLGS amounted to a big ol' pile of nothing. Bleh. Spent the day doing chores, running errands and food shopping.

Sunday was nice if a little hectic.

Things for the early class I teach needed adjusting since the 3rd grade and 4th grade students really need different assignments. While there has been a good deal of crossover, the 4th grade work is now clearly ahead of the 3rd grade work.

The Storytelling/Writing/Game class has expanded to 16 kids. Holy Cats! That would be a lot of players in a game even if they weren't in elementary school. The whole thing went over surprisingly well however and it was a pretty smooth transition adding in the two new students. Plus, I've managed to sneak in some geography lessons since the current story is quite globetrotting.

Had dinner with my the rest of the staff (that is, my ex-wife and a friend of ours) and we went over some general business, what everyone's plans are for the holidays, etc. I was invited to run a game for them and a third friend in Jersey this coming weekend. That put a much needed smile on my face to be sure.

Well, off to work with the doggies. I'll keep you all posted.


Barking Alien


  1. Sounds like fun though, working with the little kids. What doggies do you work with?

  2. My regular day job is Dogwalking, Dogsitting and on (rare) occasion Dog training. I have roughly 10-11 walks a day not including my own girl.

  3. I'd love to find a reliable and trustworthy dogwalker in my area. I looked and every one I checked out was a startup, and I really want someone "vetted", so to speak.

    It sounds like you do a lot of GMing. Do you ever get to/want to play?

    1. No, not really.

      There are some old posts on the subject but the simple truth is I really don't like to play that much.

      First, I get bored easily focusing on only a single character (troupe play might work for me and has a few times in the past). Second, I am a storyteller by nature and love to tell stories. I love to hear them too but don't often come across many like-minded GMs who are also skilled storytellers. This leads in to the third factor...

      I would like to be a player if I knew more really, really great GMs running interesting games. I know a few but I don't usually get to game with them.

      Over the years, the number of really good GMs I've encountered have been few and far between. Add to this the fact that so many are DMs not GMs. That is to say, they are running Dungeons & Dragons or one of its close relatives and that is not what I want to play.

      Basically, if some really awesome Gamemaster announced they were running Star Trek, Champions, Faery's Tale Deluxe, Traveller or Mutants & Masterminds (or any of a number of other games) tomorrow I would be there with bells on. Since that doesn't happen very often (read: hardly ever) in my circles, I'd just as soon run the game myself.